Chapter 7

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Liam POV
It's 6:00 am and I'm up stuck in my thoughts
Wow I have a kid , a daughter hm I find it weird that I have daughter though, I mean you would too if you come from a family of mostly males, out of  5 boys I'm the 4th My mother never was able to have a girl that's  probably why shes so damn bitter i mean even my brothers can't to produce a girl , I was sure my first kid would've been a boy , they're gonna be so jealous it's also kinda funny that I'm the last to even have a kid even my 19 year old brother has a kid and it's a boy he's one and he's annoying as hell all he does is cry.

I'm interrupted from my thoughts when I hear my alarm go off  I jumped out of the bed , walked into my closet and laid my clothes out then I headed  to the bathroom and to take a quick shower .

15min later...

I'm dressed in a white v neck shirt black jeans with some white Air Force one's I grab my keys from the dresser and I'm heading to my parents house to tell them about my kid whose name I don't know FUCK !! And the worst father Award goes to Liam petrov I turn the car I around I have know her name first but makayla would never let me see her she probably thinks I'm to dangerous to be around her now, damn it now I have to apologize.

Ok I can do this it won't be weird I'm just a grown ass man about to walk into a toy store thats normal though right ? Of course it is people buy their kids toys all the time I walked into the store and grab a cart , I went to one of the aisles and started putting everything that was pink into the cart , then I saw this brown teddy Bear with a pink bow attached to its neck I grab it and went to the check out area, I waited in line and all the women were staring at me like I just did the cutest thing in the world, I just smiled at them awkwardly

I payed for all the toys and the cashier gave me this big colorful bag to put them in and she also gave me a pink ribbon to tie around the bag , ok next stop the apple store

Makayla's POV
I just got out of the shower and I'm getting ready for work I might have to take avianna with me who's gonna watch her ?

I jump when I hear a loud knock on the door
"Who is it" I yelled no answer "who is it" I yelled a little louder but still no answer I went to the door and looked through the peep hole it was liam what is he doing here oh wait he knows , but how does he know where I live, at first I hesitated to open the door ok makayla breathe

I fully opened the door for Liam to come in he entered my apartment with a big colorful bag and started looking around my apartment he looked disgusted, what ? My apartment looks really nice what's his problem " hello makayla" he spoke interrupting me from my thoughts "what are you doing here Liam" I spoke in a slightly annoyed voice , he rolled his eyes " I came here to see my kid and talk to you please"

I'm not the type of woman to tell a man he can't see his child and he hasn't done anything to me , well besides kinda choke me but I punched him so we're even , but could I trust him ? I mean he is her father
But he can't just show up after two year asking to see her , but to be fair he didn't know she existed .

"Ma ma" avianna came in rubbing her eyes, when she fully opened her eyes she noticed Liam standing in the room "cookie man" she giggle , Liam frowned at the nickname He walked over to her and crouched down to her height " hi sweetheart do you know who i am" Liam asked

She nodded her head "cookie man" avianna giggle and smiled, Liam shook his head avianna tilted her head confused "I'm daddy" liam said in a soft voice " oooh otay" she said still kinda confused.

I was standing here watching them, they were so cute I can't keep avianna away from him.
He picked avianna up and carried her over to the colorful bag he untied the ribbon, the bag was full of stuffed animals , blocks, dolls, hair bows, everything pink ,an iPad , Liam looked up and smiled at me gorgeous, he walked over and hand me a box in side the box was a Mk purse inside the purse was an I phone x , okay me and him need to have a serious talk

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