Happy loves fish!

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Hey guys, I know this is a Ereri account but I love fairy tail too! if anyone wants to suggest something they can talk about then go ahead and leave a comment! (Nothing too rude!) Enjoy!


Happy has logged on.

Natsu Dragneel has logged on.

Happy: Hey Natsu!

Natsu: I didn't know you had a Facebook!

Happy: I just joined!

Natsu: Awsome! Now we can talk online!

Happy: -_- Natsu I'm always with you anyway, we can just say it out loud.

Natsu: Good point.. Anyway! What's your status Happy?!

Happy: Status? what's a status?

Natsu: Where you type in how you feel.

Happy: sounds like fun! ok um...

Happy: I like eating fish!

Natsu: Typical Happy... ^_^

Happy: Ok then! What's yours Natsu?!

Natsu: Just saw Lucy's pants while summoning Taurus. :3

Happy has logged off.

Natsu: Happy? Come back!

Lucy Heartfelia has logged on.

Lucy: What was that about my pants, Natsu?!?! >:(

Natsu: Uhh... Nothing! D:

Natsu Dragneel has logged off.

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