Chapter 25

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Demyan Point of View

Life is a storm, you cannot control it.

Life is weather, you cannot predict it.

Life is fire, you cannot handle it.

Life is a sea, you cannot swim it.

Life is sky; you cannot see the end of it.

Life is Zinnia, you cannot stop it.

I mean, you cannot stop her.

What kind of material was she made of? What kind of material her brain is of? I doubt if she ever considered for even a moment in her life that not all assumptions are true.

And now I have to take care of this accident prone for lifelong.

But wait what is... what if I ask for a...

"You know what Mr. Monky Husband, our marriage special one. Ask me how?" Special one? Is it because I had to marry you or is it because you did something again.

I started unhooking the buttons of her night dress. I get irked by her actions and her brain damn... damn still she gets me aroused. Is it even possible?

"Ask me how?" Do you care if I ask or not my mental wife?

"How?" I asked removing the last of the button. If I didn't take the charge of actions in the bedroom right now, I cannot look into the mirror and see myself again. It crushes my ego and my inner self confidence or whatever you call it – if she takes the lead.

What a life mine is?!

"I added one more clause in the marriage certificate so you can be reassured about me and our relationship." A new clause? Forcing me into this marriage was enough, now you are tampering with the certificate clauses too?

"And what is that? Don't tell me we should put this darned wedding clips forever?" I asked in panic and anyway removed the night shirt off her resulting in the complete topless beauty smiling at me. I took a low breath looking directly at her pink skin.

So beautiful.

So very beautiful.

"I know you would be very possessive of me and would always be edgy about us every moment, so I asked the officiator to add the clause that –"She blushed and shivered when my fingers trailed their way on the collar bone.

"That?" I closed in and leaned in her hair smelling the drugging flowery smell of her. Umm, such deep odor she has.

"That - happen what may, we cannot ever ask for divorce from each other." And with that my only way away from her was cut into pieces.

How does she get such... advanced ideas? Such futuristic and full proofed ideas?

How... how does she even think of such?

I was having a great time thinking that one day I can cajole her into a divorce and leave the country, go to some new place and start a new life.

Start a new life... pfft!

Start a new life? Without Zinnia? In this life?


She made all the arrangements to be with me and now I cannot do anything other than be a husband to her.

But then, there is another way to stay away from her; by scaring her off. But she is not scared of guns, not scared of mafia, not scared of me; heck, she's not even scared of Callisto then how can I even scare her?

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