Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

I fan out my cards in my hand making sure to face them perfectly away from Harry. I scan my eyes over the colours, numbers and symbols on my cards preparing for a win. I sneak peak over to Harry to see him also fanning out his cads. I caught a soft smirk on his lips.

'Right, you go.' I tell as he leans over flipping the first card off the top of the deck and places it next to the deck. We both scan it, seeing it's a green zero before we hurriedly look down to our hands. Harry shakes his head and groans in frustration slightly before picking a card from the deck. He had no green cards.

I place down my yellow zero above the green card. 'Changed it to yellow.'

Harry raises his brow and smiles slightly, 'makes it easier for me' he hums as he places a yellow two down. I scan my deck of cards before I put down a yellow nine.

'Don't get too excited now.' I tease as I watch him throw down a yellow eight. I smile as I see a red eight in my pile. I throw it down.

'I won't if your hopes don't get too high.' He flicks through his deck and places a red two on the deck. I scan my cards noticing I have two's in different colours but I didn't want to change the colour from red. So I pick a card up from the deck, quickly noticing it's a red five and I place it on the deck.

'Hey no!'

'Yeah, pick up - put down is my rule.'

'No Anna-'

'Yes Harry, moving along.'

I hear him sigh then chuckle a little before he puts down a wild card. 'Blue.' He announces with a smug look of pride on his face.

'I never loose UNO Harry, wipe that smug smile off your face.' I tease as I throw a blue two onto the deck. He follows with a blue skip, missing my turn and I watch him continue to put a blue three on the deck. I notice his only two cards left, I had to yell UNO before he does on his last card.

He holds back a smug smile eyeing my face as I eye a card that could ruin his winning streak. I wanted to save the card, hoping he had no more blues left. I carefully pull out my blue four and place it on the deck and I watch his hands. He looks down, and peers at the deck of cards.

'I'll tell you, you're lucky.' He picks another card and places it into his deck. I notice a smile spread on his lips when he sees the card. A million cards run my mind, he could throw a bad card on me any second.

I had only two cards left, it was either I drop my draw four then yell UNO then hope I can still drop my blue two or I drop the blue then the draw four. But considering the smile on his smug face he could also have a draw four then I'm stuck with eight extra cards while he dances in victory.

'Wait.' He says covering the deck of cards. 'What does the winner get?' he stares at me curiously as I roll my eyes at him.

'Nothing, just the recognition of a winner.' I hum as I still plan on my next move. He frowns at me with his eyes dull. I knew he wanted something from me, whether it was physically or just emotional, he wasn't getting it.

'The winner gets the last Kit Kat in the fridge.' He hums lifting his hand from the pile of cards so I could resume playing. There was a packet of party Kit Kats and I've only had two out of the twenty-five in the packet. There was no way, Harry was winning.

I save my draw four and put down my blue two and I quickly yell 'UNO!'. I lean back, smiling at him waiting for him to try me. I wave my last card to my face as if I was cooling myself down, 'this is too easy'. I watch him look at me with smug. He looks down to his deck and eyes one card in particular. He then smiles.

'Ha.' He says while throwing a draw four card.

'Ha.' I mock as I throw my draw four card.

'I win, bitch.' I look to him and smile. I was left empty-handed and he was left with two unlucky cards in his hand.

He throws the two yellow cards from his hands onto the floor and grunts. 'You cheated.' He stares at me, burning holes into my eyes.

'How did I cheat?' I come back as I gesture to the pile of cards. 'You're just a sore loser. I told you I always win.'

His blunt face stood staring at me with pity as I begin to stand up for my victory Kit Kat. 'Where're you going?' he asks as he turns his head to follow my movements.

'To get my Kit Kat.' I watch his face change into the realisation and he swiftly lifts himself from the floor to beat me. I change my walking to a sprint when I realised he was trying to steal my Kit Kat. I hear his heavy, quick footsteps behind me as I run for the fridge.

I reach for the handle of the fridge then Harry's arms takes my waist and pulls me away, swaying me around. I hear Harry laughing behind me and I start to giggle as I try prying this arms from my waist. 'Harry!' I squeal laughing trying to free myself from his tight grip.

Harry turns me opposite the fridge while one of his arms frees itself and reaches for the Kit Kat in the fridge. He keeps chuckling above me while he finds the Kit Kat and I continued to hit and kick at him. 'Harry, it was a fair and square win!' my voice came out rough but weak as I try to free myself from him.

'Was it now?' he hums as I hear his fingers crumple the plastic of the chocolate. I turn the top half of my body whacking at Harry's arm hoping he would drop the chocolate or even throw it so I had a chance.

I found it oddly fun that we a fighting over two sticks of mini Kit Kat's. The fact that we can connect in a way I haven't with any person makes being in Harry's aroma even better each day. The idea of us growing with each other more each day is exciting, we become closer and that sent the both of us in a situation we couldn't be in.

'At least share it if you're gonna be a dick.' I give up becoming limp in his arms looking away from him waiting for him to cooperate. His arm comes around to my wait and he unwraps the chocolate in front of me. I could feel his head beside mine, carelessly breathing on my shoulder.

After he unwraps it, he breaks the two sticks in half and takes one to his mouth and takes the other in my hand. I grab the chocolate and turn from his arm looking at him chew down on the chocolate while he licks his fingertips finger by finger. I frown at him giving him a stern look.

'What? You don't want the chocolate now?' he sings as he smiles at me.

'No. I won fair and square but your selfish ass...' I tease staring as I consume the chocolate and enjoy the half. He strides up to me, cupping my face and placing a kiss onto my forehead while I was still chewing on my chocolate.

'Kit Kat's are just that good,'

'No, you are just a bully.'

Okay, few things, one: Anna didn't cheat, I actually had to play. UNO. By. My. Self. To make this filler chapter. Two: next chapter is long  and dramatic so get ready and three: I REALLY like Kit Kats and I hope y'all feel the same way :)


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