27. Hidden in Plain Sight

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When Sage and Trisha entered the hospital, they felt the grim atmosphere plague the corridor. There was something wrong, even worse then what was happening before. Silent echoed through the halls as Trisha and Sage walked inside. It felt like someone died.

Someone important. And then a passing nurse looked at Sage with a sad look. It hit them together. Someone they knew was dead and since Killian was not a publicly famous it had to Sage's family member. Both of them rushed to the room where Sage's parent was to find two dead bodies neatly covered in white clothes hiding the cruel truth under.

Trisha choked in shock not feeling the pain or anything but the shock to see Sage collapse as tears flowed down his eyes. He was the strong one, the cool one that made plans and gave threats and challenges. But seeing him break down like this, she was shocked and had no right words to console him. He just lost this whole family.

Trisha sat down next to him pulling him in a hug and he just sobbed hard not uttering a word.

"Please, you two need to step out." The doctor said with a hateful tone like it was their fault/

Trisha would never glare or even stare at people but that moment she gave her deadliest glare to the doctor who was being rude to a person who lost his family. The doctor was surprised by hostility in her glare and backed off. She literally had to pull Sage up and drag him to the dead bodies. She wanted him to see his parents for one last time.

But it was not the best choice of action as she removed the white cloth, the dead body looked was pale and blood smeared around ears and nose. 

"Killian," Trisha said in the realisation that they both got infected at the same time.

Even Sage was shocked backed to senses as they both rushed to check on him. Trisha's eyes were already filled with the tears by the time she reached Killian's room. The strength in her legs gave away as she felt weak with relief and saw Killian sleeping, his chest slowly rising and falling in a rhythm. 

"He doesn't have much time left. The infection is spreading faster. I don't know why." Killian's father was standing behind them looking as if he might fall any second.

Trisha felt the hate from him immediately but as he just walked towards his son and broke down she just stood back seeing everyone around her just shatter in pieces. Maybe just maybe if she was changed like everyone else in her childhood, maybe if she found a match nothing like this would have happened.

She turned to look at Sage if he was feeling the same thing as she was but she was surprised to find that he was missing. She looked around worried that Sage might do something drastic at this point. He lost his family and he had no hope left.

Even the girl they brought with them was missing. it was sort of relief that she had the teddy bear with her and Trisha tracked that to find Sage in an empty lab. Trisha carefully walked in to find the place trashed and Sage sobbing as the little girl tried her best to console him and sat beside him patting his shoulder with her small hands.

It all came to Trisha, Sage was trying to be a monster but even this in the situation he couldn't put a needle in the girl to take out a blood sample. He wanted to save Killian and others suffering and yet couldn't harm one small girl.

Relief flooded through Trisha as she sat down in front of them and the little girl looked at her pleading for help. 

"Sage." She whispered carefully.

"What should I do?" He asked.

But all the worry was replaced by immediate fear when she saw blood dripping from his nose. Sage has caught the disease, later than others but he was sick.

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