Masters List (Requests open)

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Requests open!!


1.тѕυĸιѕнιмa ĸeι

2.oιĸawara тoorυ

3.ĸυroo тeтѕυroυ

4.ĸozυмe ĸenмa

5.ѕυgawara ĸoυѕнι

6.ĸageyaмa тoвιo

7.нιnaтa ѕнoyoυ

8.yaмagυcнι тadaѕнι

9.ѕawaмυra daιcнι

10.azυмane aѕaнι

11 + are gonna be requests!


Requests open!

Wish me good luck! This is my first oneshot\ Drabble kinda thingy! Sorry in advance for my spelling and bad english, I'm just terrible like that (≧∇≦)


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