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It was a silent morning without any fuss or hurricane. I took my bag from the study table, classes starts around ten so was dangling around my room reading a few comics and novels. They were a lot more interesting than I thought, no wonder Yeti kept insisting me to read them.

I got down the stairs and I was quite surprised that my dad's car was still there in front of the house. I tried wondering around the house to search for him, it was kind of weird that he hasn't left the house yet.

I continue my search for him until I met face to face with a huge wooden door of his office. It was located on the second floor of the house since dad thought it would be easier to get to his room once he'll work late at night.

I pressed my ear against the door but I couldn't hear a single thing. I made a knock on the door and peeped my head through the doorway, it was true dad was there in his office but there was someone with him.

I quickly apologised and closed the door as soon as they knew I opened the door. I leaned my back to the wall,  that was kind of a careless thing to do.  That might have been an important person with him!

"Jung Hoseok, what on earth are you doing?" I nearly screamed when my dad flung open the door with one hand to his waist. I hesitated to answer him and just ended up giving him a smile. "Nothing. I was just wondering why you weren't out yet." I gave him an excuse.

"I'm a bit busy. I'll be out in a while." He stares directly into my eyes. "Alright, but who's that with you? Perhaps introduce to me for some kind of marriage?" I made a joke.

"That's Uncle Kim's son. Why interested?" Dad chucked and I could tell that person could hear our talk. I quickly shook my head. "You know what, I have class today. See you later, dad!"

I quickly made a run for it, there's no way I want to get involved with the Kim family! Dad said he was quite a bully when I was little, so there's no way I'll get married to my bully. Even so, I'm sure that I won't.

I don't like guys..

It only took half an hour to arrive to the university, not much people are around. Maybe already heading to class and stuff like that since recess was almost over.

I parked the car near the parking lot which was prepared for students who drove here. I quickly grabbed my books by the passenger seat and headed to the fourth floor to my class.

Good thing I wasn't the only one getting into class, a few known faces greeted me as we headed to the same door. Just as I entered I see a hand waving up in the air calling for me. That happy smile just makes me want to laugh from the insides.

Who else could it be unless it was my good friend, Jooheon. I met him last year from the orientation month and surprisingly we became great friends. He's quite a chatter box and has a good quality for his work.

"Saved the best seat for you." I placed my books as he moves a bit to give me some space. "Thanks as always." he nods and started a small conversation with me. It was going off easily until the door opened to reveal the professor stumbling with a few papers.

"An early disaster." Jooheon whispered, I giggled to his comment about the teacher. It was usual for him to make fun of them anyways, here I am not even sure why I'm still friends with him!

Business class was as simple as always, I really want to go to cafe now.  Everything was as the same thing as every day and my only peace was at the cafe, ugh!

We're now just heading over to the next class, it might take a while since both of us were getting pretty lazy to get to the upper floor.

"Hey, we should go to the cafe after classes." he blinks a couple of times. "Which?" "Where else, of course Hope's." He makes those groaning sounds.

"What? Have any others places to go?" "Well, not really.." Perfect. This means I can settle down there without hearing any complaints.

"Hoseok, do you think Shownu thing will be there?" huh, what's up with him?

"Maybe, why? Is there something I don't know here?-" "No! It's not what you think, I'm just.. afraid of him because of last time." "Just chill, trust me. He likes you being there!"

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