"War, what is it good for?" (DukeSaw)

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Yes, I made that joke. Oh, well, this is my Remembrance Day special, I hope you enjoy!

*Clears throat* LEST WE FORGET.

TW: Gore, injury, and character death. Also, this is a War AU, so of course it may be a little moopy.



“ALRIGHT, SOLDIERS!” Came Officer H. Chandler's voice, jolting everyone in atleast few miles radius in the muddy trenches of WWI, the first, and hopefully last war of the whole world. All soldiers jolted to their feet, they swore that maybe the enemy could hear their leader. Chandler looked around the members that were near her, “Sawyer and Duke,” She spoke, “You'll be working alongside each other for today. Front line, let's go.” She ordered. She then turned to the others, “The rest of ye', get yer guns loaded and ready!”

“YES, MA'AM!” They replied, heading straight to work, as Duke and Sawyer followed Chandler. Duke, well, Heather Duke, was one of the best fighters - she'd been in these trenches since the war began - two years ago. She was sassy, headstrong and hellbent on defeating the enemy and capturing their trench. She wore a green hair tie, and she had dark hair, and eyes that matched. Sawyer, commonly known as Veronica Sawyer, had been working alongside Duke for a year - and she had developed a crush on the other girl. She was a brunette, her hair half as long as Duke's, and she was always writing in a diary. Her eyes were a chocolate brown, and she always made sure Duke was alright. If only she knew that would get her killed. They soon got to the front line, where the rest of the troops were shooting frantically, as Chandler turned around, pointing to two machine guns that were stationed next to eachother.

“You two will be working here. You are not to march towards the enemy unless it's my command. Understood?” She asked. Duke and Veronica nodded.

“Yes, ma'am.” They both replied, as Chandler sauntered away, and the two briefly grinned at eachother before setting up.


It had been atleast two hours aicne they'd started their work. Veronica's mood was dampened - Private Heather McNamara was found dead in the trench, a bullet wound to her cheek. Duke wasn't happy either. Their best friend was dead. But they couldn't run away - they'd get executed, which was being strapped to a post with a red mark on their heart, and they'd be blindfolded, then their own troops would shoot them dead. They didn't want that.

“Alright troops,” Chandler commanded, her tone wavering. She was McNamara's girlfriend, after all. She muffled a sniffle, “MARCH!”

The soldiers, including Duke and Veronica got out and marched, slowly, and holding guns ready, shoulder-to-shoulder. They were prepared.

That was, until, they started firing. Atleast twenty fell as the others were shooting back and dodging the bullets, well, trying atleast.

One fell,

Then two,

Then three,

Then six.

It seemed to Veronica that they were dropping like flies in a fly trap. But, she was only focusing on protecting Duke, who was trying to do the same thing, “Veronica, get behind me!” She snapped.


“Ron, I don't want to lose you! Don't do this! I can take care of myself!”

“TROOPS, RETREAT! GET BACK HERE!” Chandler commanded, and most troops were either running at full speeding, crawling, or limping, as Chandler shot past them and distracted the enemy. Duke continued to fire, not returning, until she was distracted by Veronica.

“Come on, Heather, we need to go!”


One bullet, one life.

Two bullets, two lives.

Who was she to let her crush die instead of her when she could do something about it?

A gunshot.

A speeding bullet.

A brunette shoving the other behind her.

A blood splatter.

The brunette fell to the ground, the bleeding coming from her stomach, part of her intestines gone from the big hole. She was picked up by the other dark-haired girl, who was crying, and cupping her cheek as the injured girl smiled weakly. She wasn't going to make it, they both knew that. But, she was going to make sure the other lived.

“Please, take care of them, for me..” The dying girl hoarsely pleaded, as the other sniffled.

“NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!” The other screeched over the gunfire. The brunette simply chuckled.

“I'll always be with you, I promise.. I love you.. Okay?” She coughed up blood as she handed the other a necklace - a heart one, that was green and blue. She clicked the necklace into place around the survivor girl's neck. She then fell limp in the other girl's embrace, an empty smile on her lips, one that once meant something. The living one screeched, tears streaming down her face.





“NO!” She screeched, as two other soldiers - Ram and Kurt, dragged her away from the other's body, but she'd grabbed her blue painted gun, and shot a few enemies square in the head, clutching her necklace around her neck with raw tears dropping onto her hand.

“I love you too, Veronica..”


wOW WHO KNEW I COULD WRITE ANGST? Well, I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope that wherever the soldiers who fought for us and ended up like Ron, are at peace now. Look at me, sorta sick and still writing!

See you in the next oneshot!


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