"Any shorter, and you'll fade from existence." (ChanDuke)

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PROMPT: “Any shorter and you'll fade out from existence.”

SHIP: ChanDuke.

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Heather Duke had a crush.

It wasn't just any crush, it was a big crush, a big gay one at that, and who was it for?

It was for Heather Chandler.

Heather Chandler is the almighty of Westerburg Highschool. The strawberry blonde is admired by all the boys, and, in Duke's words, she is ‘What the fuck ever, everyone loves me.’, so she'd never have a chance. Besides, Heather Duke was fucking hated by Chandler, or so she thinks. She's a 4"9, dark-haired, korean woman who is jealous of others being better than her, and Chandler is a 5"4, strawberry blonde, american woman who gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
(MARSHY: Woah what the fuck - I'm taller than Duke! That's like, an ultimate achievement for me.)

And Duke was there for it.

One thing that Chandler liked to do is make fun of other people's appearance, regardless if she was friends with them or not. Duke was a common target for this, but the ivy green woman was merely just happy with Chandler noticing her. But, what she didn't know was that Chandler was using this to cover up her own crush on her.

And today, she snapped and revealed something…


Currently, they were strutting through the halls, and, as usual, Chandler was at the front, with Duke to her left, McNamara to her right, and Veronica behind the three, messily scribbling in her diary. Duke couldn't help and glance at Chandler's swaying hips, the blonde's confident strides making her melt a little inside. And she was the one with ‘no discernable personality’, according to Veronica.

Eventually they stopped at Chandler's locker, as the Demon Queen herself flung it open, rummaging around for her make-up, “Ugh, did I fucking forget my damn make-up?! God fucking damnit!” The red girl cussed, slamming her locker shut, turning on her heel. Duke had a little bit of hope.

“You can use my make-up, Heather!” Duke exclaimed, as Chandler simply raised a brow, crossed her arms, and scoffed, which sounded a little relieved and not as much mocking.

Well, 1% relieved, 99% Mock.

“Shut up, Heather, Nobody wants your ugly-arse outdated make-up.” The girl snapped. Duke nodded, hurt, as she directed her gaze to the floor.

“Sorry, Heather..”


Now, they were in Maths, and Chandler groaned, as the teacher was over ten minutes late, but she didn't care. Duke, of course, was staring at her across the room, as Chandler sighed, “What is wrong with me today? Why do I not have any of my damn stuff?!” The red Heather practically yelled. Duke sighed, knowing what was coming, “Heather! Give me a fucking pen!”

“But, Heather, I only have this pen and I need it--”

“Shut up, Heather!”

“Sorry, Heather..” Chandler forcefully snatched it out of her hands and strutted back to her seat. Duke sighed, starting to reach her limit.


“God, Heather,” Chandler growled, seated at their lunch table, Veronica sat next to her, McNamara opposite. Duke arched a brow, “Can you shrink even more?” Height. That was a big thing Duke hated about herself. More then her bulimia, and that was saying something. Chandler snickered, Mac and Veronica faking their own evil laughter so Chandler wouldn't whip their arses, “Any shorter and you'll fade out from existence.” She mocked.

That was Duke's limit, her height, “Well, maybe I should then!”

Chandler towered over her, “I'm sorry, did I give you permission to speak?”

“Depends, would you care if I did?” The blonde grabbed the brunette.

“Heather, get back in line,” She growled lowly, letting go.

Then, Duke did something uncharacteristic.

She got onto the table, then yelled, “HEY EVERYBODY, SINCE I'M A DEAD GIRL WALKING NOW, I'M JUST GOING TO BLURT IT OUT.” She inhaled, pulling Chandler onto the table aswell, “I HAVE A DAMN FUCKING CRUSH ON HEATHER-MOTHERFUCKING-CHANDLER!” She screeched, forcefully kissing Chandler infront of everyone. She took a glance around, and then ran.


So, now, Heather Duke was hiding in the bathroom. She'd locked it, because soon as Chandler sees her, she's dead. Figuratively, and probably literally, this is the Heather Chandler we're talking about here. Why did she have to be so stupid? She might aswell start writing her will.

Then there was a knock, “Heather? Heather! Open the door!” It was Chandler. She didn't sound mad, but concerned? No, that can't be right. The door knob rattled. She was trying to get in.

My pants,’ Duke thought with a snicker, ‘Okay, no.’

“Heather! Open the damn door!” Chandler barked. Duke was hesitant, but complied anyway, opening the door to reveal the red blazered girl, without Veronica or Mac for once. She strutted in the bathroom, locked the door, and hugged Duke, who was pretty sure she'd been mind controlled. Honestly, she was a little sad that she let go when she did, but she kept her flustered-and-slightly-turned-on gaze on the floor, “Heather, look..” Chandler rubbed the back of her neck, “I'm…sorry.” Duke froze. Then she looked up.

“Sorry for what? Probably murdering my reputation?”

“No, because I didn't do that.” Before Duke could reply, Chandler told her the story.


After Duke stormed out, Chandler was still on the table, her face red. She didn't know Duke was a lesbian too! Now she could confess. But wait, she probably thought the blonde would kill her. She looked around. All the students, apart from Veronica, Mac and a few nerds, were laughing. Hard, actually. This angered her.

“Heather Duke? Ha! More like Heather Dyke!” One jock called, laughing harder.

“Seems like Heather Chandler enjoyed it!” Another called as eyes pinned to her.

“Wow! I never knew Heather Chandler was a dyke!” Heather growled at this, before yelling.

“OH YEAH? WELL, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE ONE EITHER! AND IF YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT DUKE THAT WAY I'M GOING TO SNAP YOUR NECKS!” She roared. This shut everyone up, and no one dared to insult her, not even after she left to go find Duke.


“…And that's what happened,” Chandler finished, keeping Duke in a steady hug as the girl cuddled against her, “I'm sorry for being a bitch..”

“It's okay..” Duke smiled, since she knew that Chandler meant it, “How about we show 'em who the real powerful people are?” She smiled up at the blonde, who grinned back with intent.

“Let's fucking show 'em.”

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