"Small Cap, you still with me!" I called out to my friend on my shoulder. My heart raced with anticipation.

"Freend? Is Nestmate Freend okay?" His small voice came through.

"Thank heavens!" I sighed with relief. "He's fine, but you should rest. You saved us Small Cap. I'm proud of you."

I gently placed him back in the belt pouch.

"Good. Me sleep now Freend." He yawned, got cosy and eased into a peaceful sleep.

"Sleep well." I warmly smiled at Small Cap's slumbering form.

Penetrating stares compelled me look at the others with a dubious expression.


"You, I'm in my body!" Death frowned.

"I know, you're looking, um, human."

"No, that's not what I mean. How did you do this? Wait!" He became flustered as he tried to determine the reason behind the magical miracle. "I'm proud, grateful, but very confused. You've never had magic, let alone of this ability."

Death shook off the rest of his words to silence.

"What did you mean when you said Moralta made mistakes?" Brystagg pushed in with his burning question.

I surveyed the increasing mass of Zyon residents eager to tour Sol's bountiful pleasures. A lot of the agitated winged reptilians, flaming humanoids with two-heads and the shrouded human types were constantly bombarding Sol's protective layer with all forms of magical attacks. For now, the layer was able to diffuse their efforts with grey electrostatic energy and hide part of their images behind grey clouds.

We had some respite.

"Death, you said the banshee had taken you. I don't think you were wrong," I said to him.

Death raised one of his brows with a strange expression.

"I think Moralta abandoned you, not realising your immediate potential. That was his mistake," I blatantly explained.

He furrowed his brows.

I further explained on my hypothesis.

Moralta was used to living off the memories and magic a body held without the original ego. So, was probably under an assumption that he only needed Death's body for the alchemy knowledge it preserved. He was not aware of Death being the holder for the Power of Preservation nor holding any other power he'd need later. How could he? This fact was only known when it was revealed in Minos.

Why was Death's ego linked to a banshee? His ego was powerful enough to attract interest from the spider demon. I suspected Moralta had left Death's ego behind when he was escaping the banshee, which had traversed into a tunnel with a time-link to twenty years in the past thanks to the residual magic of the dimension slip.  It was fortunate Delphi had noticed this disruption. She was able to manoeuvre situations to our favour as much as possible.

Another mistake was when I rescued War. The juxtapositioner demon had been extracting knowledge of the Dark Grimoire from his mind under a belief that it was consuming knowledge from it. Since War was now Gat Shiem's library given his image bound memory. Neither demon had considered the fact that the Grimoire was not a book. Knowing a spell was different to being able to apply it successfully. Moralta could only achieve a carbon copy effort.

"I'm impressed." Brystagg flashed a lopsided smile; a resemblance to Trix.

"It's just a theory." I failed to hold back my smugness at feeling clever.

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