11: кабина

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Chapter eleven : кабина

Svetlana's (Lana's) POV

Luca and I are now standing in front of the cabin, this is where it all happened, and where it all where wrong. I let out a shaky breath. 

"Are you okay?" Luca asks.

"Yeah," I reply my tone unsure. 

Luca just nods sympathetically and starts grabbing our bags from the back. I walk around the side of the cabin and look inside one of the plant pots, I dig around in the soil until I come into contact with something cold. I reach for it and pull out a small silver key. Luca walks up the porch and I quickly follow up behind him and unlock the door. We're greeted with a strong cinnamon smell as we walk inside, it was exactly how I remembered it. The living room had large plush leather coaches with a fireplace and a small TV hanging above it. 

"Woah," Luca breathes out he puts our bags on the sofas and moves through the house. I slowly follow him into the modern wooden kitchen, we had bought quite a lot of food and I place the shopping bags on the counter. I start putting the canned and dry foods into the cupboards while Luca opens the fridge. 

"There's no power," Luca says. 

"Yeah, I've got to go out back and turn on the power supply." I open up the back door and walk through the thin layer of snow to the power box. I open it up and flick the switch. 

"Is it on?" I yell to Luca as I walk back into the house.

"Yeah" he replies as he starts putting the milk and other cold foods into the fridge. I help him with the rest of the food.

"Okay, well the foods all packed away." Luca says, "I need a shower."

"Me too," I reply. "There's only one bathroom though, you can go first." 

Luca mutters an 'okay' and heads up the stairs. 

"Second door on your right!" I say after him. I let out a deep sigh, I should bring our bags upstairs. I grab our backpacks and walk up the stairs, there was only one bedroom in the cabin.                                                                                                    

 When I open the door it was exactly like it was all those years ago, a large canopy bed, a walk-in-closet,  a desk in the corner, and a small bookshelf with velvet armchairs next to it. I put our bags on top of the armchairs and collapse on the bed. Memories flooded back, my parents and I all snuggling up together on the bed. The sound of crashing coming from downstairs, my mother's screams. I cringed at the memory, my eyes started to fog up. I was not going to cry. I wipe my eyes furiously as I feel tears coming, don't think about it! I took some deep breathes and calmed myself down. Suddenly I hear someone coming through the door, I sit up briskly and find Luca standing in the doorway. With nothing but an old towel wrapped around his waist. 

"Hey," he says awkwardly, my face goes bright pink as I eye him up and down. 

"I'll leave so you can get changed." I say standing up.

"No there's no need." Luca replies, I pause and slowly sink back down into the bed. 

He walks over to his bag and pulls out some clothes, he walks around the bed. I glance at him as he abruptly drops his towel, leaving him completely nude. I look away as quickly as possible feeling blood rush to my face. 


That evening Luca made spaghetti bolognese for dinner, we sit across from each other on the dining room table, slurping up the pasta. 

"You're a really good cook," I say. 

Luca smiles, "thanks il mio caro. So about sleeping arrangements, I can sleep on the sofa since theres only one bed." 

"No uh, there's no need for that, that bed's huge we can both sleep there." I reply. Luca just slowly nods before we both continue eating. 

After we finish dinner we wash up the plates and head upstairs. 

"I'm gonna get changed," Luca says grabbing some pyjama bottoms from his bag. I do the same and grab a thin t-shirt and some booty shorts. I go into the bathroom to get changed, when I return Luca is stretched out onto the bed.

"You better not cross my side of the bed." I mutter as I make myself comfortable. 

"I won't don't worry," Luca says a small smile on his face. 

Luca stretches over to turn off the light, his arms and torso muscles glistening in the dim lights. It suddenly goes pitch black, and we lay in silence for several seconds.

"Goodnight," I say into the darkness. 

"Goodnight." He echos back.


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