Etched (Kun)

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A/N:  This story sorta happens in an AU where things you write and draw on yourself also appear on your soulmate.  Hope you enjoy this one!! :)


Kun smiled fondly at his skin as a new doodle began unfurling itself.  The ink sprawled across his  arm until it took the shape of a fuzzy calico cat, its eyes so realistic that Kun could swear it was staring right at him.  The drawings had freaked him out at first, but after a while, he started to look forward to them.  He noticed that some days were more bland than others- nothing but a smiley face or a small heart gracing his palm.  But a couple of times, Kun had gotten lucky when the artist had signed the doodle with her name- Y/N.

Meanwhile, you were trying your hardest to keep your eyes open during your weekly meeting.  You worked for a magazine company called In City  where you wrote articles on trends in all areas of life.  Your expertise was interior design, which meant you were always doodling ideas.  Sometimes, if you didn't have paper, you would draw on your skin.  And to keep yourself awake during this more than boring weekly meeting, you brought a cute calico cat to life on your arm.  You made sure to draw it in a spot that could be covered up by the sleeves of your shirt or jacket.

"So, Y/N, you'll be in charge of meeting up with the model we'll be using In City's monthly issue," the director grinned in your direction.

You sat up attentively, writing down your role before getting absorbed in your doodles again.  It was always your job to make sure everything ran smoothly, which included meeting with the models beforehand and briefing them on the styles they would be working for the photoshoot.  Your favorite part was asking questions to include in the small "interview" included in the article.

The director walked over you to after the meeting was over.  He smiled fondly at the doodle you were still working on.  "Someone got bored, I see," Dong Sicheng grinned.  He scared the life out of you, but you and director were pretty good friends.  Around the office, he was always Director Sicheng, but now he was simply just Winwin, his nickname for always winning the number one spot for magazine of the month.  

"That kinda looks like my cat," Winwin mused.  "You know, your soulmate must be out there going crazy about you."

You cocked an eyebrow.  "Pardon me?"

Winwin sat down in an empty chair beside you.  "You don't know?  That any mark we write or draw on our skin also appears on our soulmate?"

Your face went red.  You knew, and your mother had tried to get you out of the habit as a kid, but you just couldn't stop yourself.  You wondered if your soulmate even cared about your drawings.  He probably just scrubbed them off with some soap and water as soon as they began forming.

"You'll be meeting the model tomorrow.  He's more on the soft-spoken side, but he's a personal friend of mine, so make sure you make him as comfortable as you can.  Ask some easy questions and call it a day."

You scribbled down some notes before grabbing your things and heading home.  You were excited to see who this model was.  Usually, the ones you interviewed were super outgoing.

The next day, you showed up to the studio early, making sure you had a good list of questions ready.  You began doodling as you waited for the model to show up.  You drew a dandelion with its seeds blowing away in the wind on the back of your palm, but you pulled the long sleeves of your sweater down to hide it.  Finally, you saw the man you were looking for.  He was absolutely breathtaking even though he just wore a simple shirt and sweatpants.  His hair was a beautiful coffee brown and so fluffy that you had to hold yourself back from touching it.

"Are you the model Director Sicheng requested?" you asked.

The guy shot you a lazy smile.  "Yes.  My name is Kun.  And you are?"

That surprised you.  Usually people never cared about who you were.  They were always too busy telling you about their greatest accomplishments and how they had to be a billion other places later that day.

"Y/N," you stuck out your hand, and Kun's eyes widened.  You swear you even saw his pupil's dilate.

"What's wrong?  Is there something stuck in my teeth?" you asked, covering the bottom half of your face in embarrassment.  Kun stared at your hand like there was a bug on it.

"Did you draw that?" Kun asked slowly.

You nodded, pushing up the sleeve of your sweater to reveal the lonely little dandelion.

Kun grinned, showing you the back of his palm.  The same dandelion was staring right back at you, and your cheeks went pink.

"I've been waiting a while to meet you," Kun smiled.  "You have a real talent, you know?"

Whatever Winwin had told you about this guy being shy and soft-spoken had clearly been a lie because this man had you at a loss for words.  

"Maybe we could do the interview, and then I can take you out for coffee?  Might as well get to know each other since we're soulmates," he winked, and you fumbled for words.

"I- um, yeah- that, um, sounds like a good, um, idea," you blushed.  "So, first question for this interview.  What's your favorite thing to do when you're not modeling?"

Kun gave you that lazy smile again.  "Watching your drawings come to life."


A/N: Hey guys!  I'm back!!  I know it's been a long time, but now that I'm on winter break, I should be able to upload more regularly for a while!  Thanks lzhnknoceur- for requesting this beautiful Kun imagine.  The idea was really fun, so I had a blast writing it!!  :)

Question of the imagine: Do you believe in love at first sight?   I mean... I know we all fell in love with Lee Taeyong when we first got into NCT (don't lie to yourself, you know you were whipped).  For me, I think rather than "falling in love" at first sight, I feel like I have to know the person first rather than liking someone randomly.

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