(24) the spirit Festival!

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Warning therapy a brief ranting about my life before this chapter starts you have been warned

So I started listening to music before making this chapter and then it went to normal music do LGBT + songs to someone's coming out story.

And fuck it remind me of what happened today.
So I was at my grandparents house eating dinner like we usually do on the weekends for some odd reason. And then they started talking about the boy cross the street who's apparently my grade and goes to the same school as me but I don't know in the subject comes up that I'm in love with him somehow even the subject goes to Boys in general in my love life for some reason

And I just want to fucking scream I don't fucking like boys I like girls and I'm gay as fuck.

But I didn't and I had to reflect all the comments about me apparently being 'straight'


It was midnight and Virgil quietly snuck out of the house. to go to the forest to relieve some of the excess Magic.

He walked to the graveyard and passed his mother's grave. into the forest and to the open stream.

Today was a festival of the spirits. so he went there to help set everything up. He watches a children run around and laughed.

He walked around helping where he could. Running his fingers through the leaves and turning them a bright and magical color. He watched as the Shining orbs floating around filling the area with light.

After a few hours he heard of Emilio voice behind him

" trying to leave the excess magic are we?"
Virgil jumped and turned around it was Emily

"Hay Em. Yeah well you know how it is with the magical overdoses"

"* sigh* you should be more careful. pulling a stunt like that! jeez kid."

" kid I'm older than you"
Virgil said with a smile

" yeah, yeah, yeah, well I got to go. see you later Virg"

Emily said leaving

" wait. but where you going?"
Virgil said to himself

He fell two hands talk on both of his sleeves. He turned around to see two little girls

"Hello thare"
Virgil sad with a smile

The Little girls smile back at him.

" come here, come here!"

They both said in unison

The motion for him to crouch down so he did.
The little girls place a flower crown on him.
it was full of roses🌹🥀🌹

" what's this? A flower crown. why thank you"
He said in a soft voice with a smile.

The little girls ran away giggling and Virgil smile to himself.

' adorable'
He thought to himself as he watch the kids play.

" well if it isn't Virgil"
A voice said behind him. Virgil whipped around to see..... The gay guys.
*^* I just don't have a name for them yet!*^*

" so we heard you got a boyfriend"
The smaller one said

" and he's no other than the hero Roman"
The taller one said

" we're not officially dating yet"
Virgil protested

" did you at least take his virginity yet?"


" why not?"

" I don't have to explain anything to you............................................................ but why are you two here?"

" to adopt a child"

" yeah why else would we be here"

" I am not going to question you.
just go"

" See yu"

And with that they both walked away

Virgil looked around smiling

' this Festival is going to be fun'
He thought with a bright smile

The end

Of part 1 of the Spirit Festival

*cough! cough!*
Oh God I start choking on nothing

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