bad boy phase

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I was waiting on the roof tops for leo so that we could do some parkour but leo was running late.


I jumped a little but wasn't too surprised.


I turned around and was shocked to see how he was dressed. He was wearing a black hoodie and he had 2 lip piercings. He was wearing black bead necklace and had on black gloves. He even replaces his white bandages with black ones.

"Why are you dressed like that."

"What do you mean i always look this cool."
"Yea right, leo you look like a wannabe skateboarder who took the skateboarding life a little to hard."
"Leo sounds lame so i wanna go by swift."
I was trying to hold back the laughter but i couldnt and ended up rolling on the floor."
"What's so funny."
"You trying to be cool isn't possible. It just isn't you."
"Wow was that supposed to be a compliment."
"Of course it was, what else would it be."
"Come on i look pretty cool."
He tried to flex and admittedly he did look really hot but it was still funny to see him dress like that.

"Okay okay you look pretty cool but i still miss the blue."

"I'll add a little blue just for you. Now time for extreme ninja parkour."


I was waiting at this abandoned arcade, some if not most of the games still work after donnie help me fixed them. I was waiting near the counter when a sudden shadow appeared.

"What are you doing here."

I was scared until i looked up and saw it was raph but not really. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a lot of spiked jewelry.

"Waiting for you slow poke."
"Hey watch your mouth."
"I can't even see it. So what's with the get up because you look like my brother when he went through his bad boy phase."
"I thought i looked cool."
"You look cool but lose the spiked leather jacket and you don't look so bad."
"Your saying i look pretty good."
He leaned closer and blocked any way out by putting his hands on either side of me. In one swift move i helped my self up the counter and wrapped my legs around him, forcing him to lean closer.

"I'm saying you look hot."

"Aren't you just a flirt."
"I do what i know best."


I made my way to the lab but when i opened the door i got something i wasn't expecting. Donnie was sitting on one of the tables with his legs spread and him leaning back trying to look cool. I failed at trying to hold in my laughter and bursted out laughing.

"Aw come on. I thought i would look somewhat cool."

"You look like you are having a teenage crisis. What even made you want to dress up like that."

He was wearing all black with his purple aesthetic. His coat covered part of his mouth and he was wearing a black hat. He had on a black sleeveless jacket which showed off his black and purple stripes on his arm.

"I wanted to look cool."
"And what made you think this looked cool."
"I did a mixture of raph and mikey since they always seem cool."

I took off his hat and smiled at him.

"I think you look cooler when you wearing your white lab coat."
It this sharpie on your arm.

"I made a pigment that looked similar to an authentic tattoo but comes off when washed with a certain chemical mixture."

"Wow so you put in that much effort just to give yourself some fake tattoos."
"Hey, im trying to have brooding thoughts here."
"What are you batman."
"As a matter of fact i am."

"You have never seen me and batman in the same room."
"I've also never seen batman as a giant turtle."
I took off my jacket and and put on my lab coat that donnie lets me borrow from time to time.

"Come on bad boy bat man we have labs to finish."


I was in the skate park waiting for mikey to come. Someone wrapped her arms around me making me jump a little. I turned around and saw mikey dressed weirdly.

"What's with the get up. I mean you look cool and all but."

"I thought i should put a little more effort in what i wear if i want to blend in with humans."
Mikey was wearing special black gloves with a few orange bracelets placed here and there. A new york city snapback with a orange and grey hoodie which was paired with a black and orange sleeveless jacket.

"So what do you think."

"I think you look really cool."
"Thanks. Maybe i should dress like this more often."
"Does that mean every other time you weren't wearing this much clothes you were naked."
"Was i."

We both leaned back as if we were asked an impossible question. After a few seconds we both jumped up and yelled.

"You saw me naked."
"I saw you naked."

We ran around like crazy and yelled randomly into the air.when we both tired out we stopped and laid next to each other laughing.

"We are so weird."

"Let's stay that way forever."
I shivered a little and mikey saw that since he took off his hoodie.

"I guess that's what's so good about wearing clothes."
"You get to stay warm and i get to see you wear my hoodie."

I saw him blush and he used his snapback to cover my eyes and push my head down.

"What's that for.""nothing."

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