Twenty-Four: Redemption.

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My father pulled back then leaned forward elbows resting on his jittery bent knees a crown of a frown sat on his forehead as he continued his staring. I wasn't in the crowd, In fact, I was nowhere near any of my family but I could hear his disappointed sigh from the front row and it was obvious he could see it finally.

I wasn't the son he wished to raise.

I stood a liar, a sinner, a coward, a heartless impostor wearing his son's skin and the realization made me break out in heaves when I saw him shift in his seat, get up and leave. Every fiber in my being wanted to cry after him but instead I found the strength in me to push myself after him without any tears. "I know you never loved me, but could you at least say something?" I yelled at his back.

I was officially going rogue; that meant this was the last time I'd get to face any of them but where I hoped to get an answer he paced faster away from me.

And I pushed further "Dad, Once the gods connect I will be cut from the pack...that's it! Before I go I just need you to say something to me. Anything! Be disappointed, tell me I've let you down, and tell me you wish I was more like Malia and could definitely never be anything like Mateo!!!"

The room, shook with a pristinely angered silence and the Council board that was in conversation with Brady paid some attention to us but they did not intervene.

Suddenly I was knocked back by a strong growl from my father, in it I sensed pain and love, it didn't make the fear any less threatening also my wolf was truly alive and back, "Don't you get it?" his eyes were fierce but dry but they were tormented.

They looked glassy with worry, lack of sleep and fear. It was a look I'd never before seen on my father. "Son, I love you I don't think I ever told you that but I love you. Always will and I did my part in raising you but me, you and everyone here." He extended his arms out as if to showcase all the were-people and witches inside before he continued "We are all products of our circumstances and especially of the choices we make. It is unfortunate yours led you here but it happened, make peace with it, fighting it only hurts you."

Then he turned his back and he left.

Malia had her sobbing face buried in her Fiancé's, guilt buried itself in me I was going to miss their wedding. Mateo's wife was holding hands with my mother, visibly holding back tears for the crumbling woman I'd made a shell of. I was going to miss out on being an Uncle and I couldn't meet gazes with my mother or my favorite brother.

It hurt too much.

The Oracle arose on her feet with clear eyes and said nothing.

"Well?" my father's replacement on the councilmen board asked.

"Both their wolves will be weakened for seventy-two hours."

"That's all?" someone from the council asked, and I understood the meaning behind his question. Going rogue was the pack's gods blessed punishment to me-now the gods were supposed to give me theirs-just like Danielle had had her worldly talent taken away, and Hannez was going to be made a madman-I was supposed to get something, except it seemed I was getting off scot-free.

She nodded, her clear gaze on me, hands still clasped together in what seemed to be anticipation...but for what?

"Come with us," Jenna extended her arm out for me to take.

Mateo urged me with reason "It's best you go with her, you're now a rogue with no lifeline, and you can never fit in or depend on humans. Life will be harder for you, you'll die out there if you go rogue, and you know this." he said.

And I did.

The survival rate for rogues was almost none, them kicking me out was just as good as beheading me, I was safer with the witches, alive with Jenna at least her wolf side would be kind to me and her witch side would pacify her....clan?

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