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Remember the little preview you read for Keffa a while ago?

An upcoming book that was promised on the 14th of February 2020?

Yes well It's here now. I know! I know! I'm spazzing too.

All you need to do is work those little fingers to my profile, you'll see the book there. Add it and before you skip the first chapter because you think you read it in the preview...don't. There's a whole other part I purposely left out and saved for the wattpad version of the book. I say this because next year Keffa will be on Amazon's Kindle.

So basically, read the book from the first chapter.

I'm really really excited for Keffa to finally see the light of day. If you're a binge reader fret not for the book will be done soon considering I will be updating without fail every Wednesday and extra on holidays. Speaking of, in Celebration of the love month (yawn) ........wait....I can't say more. Just head over to my profile and add Keffa to your libraries.

Don't forget I take payment in words of validation in my PMs, comment section, wall...even if it's a thanks for the update. I also take payments in votes and bonus payments in follows and people sharing my work. So go and tell your friends. Keffa is out. It's a slow burn romance with all the make ups of an unforgettable great lovestory.

Love you all.

Thank you for reading my work.

PS: This version of Denying Brady was a prototype. It's being polished and getting fattened up for an Amazon Kindle edition. So be on the look out for that because I will do giveaways, exclusive to my readers. And above that Denying Brady is becoming part of a series. Each book of the series will focus on one couple. This was Brady and Malik's telling. The next will be the Betas. Individually, Tyler, Evan and Greg and their partners  whoever they will be. So in total it will be four books in the Slaves to the moon series. Let me know what you think. 

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