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Brady didn't rush it. He sank low his chest touching my back before he tilted my face and lightly caressed my lips with his; slowly he pulled away our eyes locking in fevered understanding as he slowly pushed himself inside me.

I felt my face strain, and the way in which Brady's breath shuddered sent a searing sharp bolt of desire for him to rock through my chest and on its own accord my back arched; stomach on the bed as my ass lifted to his slow but firm penetration. Brady groaned and clung what was left of his nails deeper into my hips and neck as his body trembled, slowly pushing in deeper.

I gasped; I was completely overridden with pain and desire crocheted in one.

Nevertheless, my fiancé was an exceptional lover.

"Am I hurting you?" his voice husky and low as he rubbed his big hands soothingly down my spine, then gripped my hip and ass in a firm warm hold. I raised my face and urged him down for a kiss with tongue, it was answer enough.

This time he kissed the nape of my neck, then slipped out of me and shifted my body so we were about to now smash face to face, just how I liked it.

I combed my shaky fingers through his dark lustrous hair, tugging on his bottom lip, cupping his handsome desire etched face in both my hands kissing him with all of me as he buried his flesh inside me. Desire led me to-no that's too of a light word-desire drove me to slip the rest of his hard muscle inside me. The action making my ring clench around him so hard my eyes rolled back.

I gasped in his mouth as he groaned on my neck.

He groaned again, his hold on me growing warmer and stronger as he started to pace.

My body shuddered; I bit into my bottom lip to curb the quivering.

He ran his fingers through my strands breathing hot breaths of pleasure in my ear as he smoothly rotated his hips in circular motions without thrusting. My hips knew to dance with him and the feeling was a thrilling suspended, delicious, titillating...

Long gasp!

"Brady." I moaned

"Say my name again." he breathed, his breath falling on my ears warm, husky and entirely stroking my desire, even more, hand twisting my nipples.

"Brady!" a louder moan sang from my lips and I clung onto his firmly built shoulder blade and rear, urging him to move along with my hips to a more urgent pace.

He groaned a small punch to his circular rotation and I fucking lost my mind.

My back arched and he slipped his hand under me, his other hand crossing on my back to pull me in for a chest clenching kiss, I couldn't stay faithful to the kiss, not with the cries and moans he was driving out from me. I threw my head back, eyes closed completely and utterly putty in his big strong capable hands.

Brady buried his nose in the crook of my neck his thrusts coming with that regular, intense punch. One of my arms curled under his and pulled his ear closer to my lips.

I licked, nipped then finally swallowed his ear in my mouth jutting my wet tongue in it, the cold of his ear gave my hot; needy mouth something I didn't know I needed. I felt his body slow down and tremble with its muscles on top of mine, and then with urgency, he began to thrust a fraction harder into me.

"Deeper!" I cried.

He complied, pushing out and jutting in me harder and deeper. "Like that?" his voice came out in a low, husky whisper, its easy gravel falling to my ears like a smooth, new black velvet sending electro tones to ripple through my spine.

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