FIFTEEN:Guilt Like A Fountain

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Even after her show of lethal abilities I had chosen Dani over her.

Mr. Hannez's voice was as strained as a foghorn "And no word of this to anyone?" he warned us with an farewell gesture just as empty as the witch's face was contortioned with disapproval as she watched me leave her left hand.

 Dani waited until we had just stepped outside of the room before she spoke."We're embedded in loyalty and you seem to have misplaced yours. I will tell....."

Abruptly the witch grandly swished from her seat charging toward us in determined hard purposeful steps as she recited a mumble poem in a whisper that echoed and sooner than you can ever suspect it had Dani chocking on her own words, eyes bulged wet as she fell painfully to the floor on bended knees. 

The witch's eyes swirled with eery red and silver specks as her gaze followed with scornful pride my best friend's wriggling weak form on the floor.

Desperately I fell to the floor to help her anyhow "What are you doing to her!" I cried when my efforts proved to be in vain.

Mr. Hannez retreated from the door and slowly padded to take a seat in the chair next to where the witch stood.

"Funny how she remembers loyalty now when she went against 'that important code' for five years. Tell me superstar where was this nobility when you traded your loyalty for fame?" the red in her iris filled as she pressed harder.

Dani's whole body fell to the floor, writhing as though she was epileptic before she turned into her wolf form "Please, we won't tell. I promise." I begged. Her complexion was paper pale, she was barely gasping for breath anymore and her eyes...she was going blind I could tell.

"Please! I'll do anything ,just stop!" I cried.

The witch's compulsion on Dani stopped.

She tilted her head side to side considering my mine and Dani's transforming wolf form before she smiled down at me with a wide gleeful smile that was devoid of any emotion and offered me her hand "I want your blood for insurance."


"Never mind, I'll take hers." She lit a fire speck at Dani's foot extracting blood "It's called safekeeping and if you tell anyone what happened here I'll curse your friend." she drained the blood she'd collected from Dani in a vial and finished "I'll make sure she'll live out the rest of her days on earth as a wolf...well basically a dog..a bitch really." She gracefully swirled and went back to her seat.

Rage filled me.

Beside me I heard Dani struggling to turn back into her human form.

Fear filled me.

Mr. Hannez assisted Dani to her feet "The issue at hand is of grave importance, we trust you to keep this secret. We trust you have practiced skill in sealing lips, isn't that right  kids? Dani?"

She hummed.

I nodded.

The witch's eyes gleamed with a fierce challenge.

The door closed behind us leaving Dani naked in a long corridor with tattered clothes and a very shaken me. "You can stop staring, c'mon gimmie that." Dani crossed her legs, one arm over her exposed bosom and leaned forward to help me out of my jacket.

"I am so so so sor..." Dani cut my apology by pecking me on my cheek "I'm sorry too, I could've been a better friend and pushed you harder into fessing up sooner but.." she rolled her eyes, "I was too busy chasing fame so ey...we're class A idiots huh?" 

I followed Dani's trail, as we discussed the witch and Mr. Hannez's treason through our mind link on an otherwise  quiet walk to Brady's wing. Which is why I was startled when I actually heard her voice when she stopped "I have to go find Tyler I need clothes and I'm sure Brady and his family are in there." She nodded her head to the mahogany door on my left.

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