"We Were Sick and She Was Holding Me."

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"We were sick and she was holding me.

I couldn't seem to die."


When you're sick


Aoi Valt

- This boy panicS

- he doesn't know what to do at first since he thinks you caught a disease or something

- jk lol

- he gives you anything that you need

-  hes a good boy, you better reward him >:^(((

- okokokok but he makes really good ass soup too

- chicken noodle of course

- the best soup obviously

- he also showers you with affection :0000

- kisses on cheeks, but not on the mouth since you don't want him to get sick...again

Aoi Tokonatsu


- he learned everything from playing doctor when he was way younger

- Nika occasionally comes to help, but only to help tease Tokonatsu

- obviously

- lmao but Tokonatsu can make a v good  omelettes

- are omelettes good for the sick?????

- either way, hes really good at making them,,,

- he would be a great future husband

- Valt and his mother has taught him well

- he's super adorable and cute when he's taking care of you :000

Kurenai Shu


- you refuse to take the medicine once and he literally force feed it to you lmao

- oh it was the mouth with mouth btw and it was pretty uncomfortable

- ok but Shu lets you win at whatever game you suggest

- brooo, he lets you cuddle him despite you being sick and he fucking just,,,the best boyfriend???

- he's really gentle and doesnt let you out of his sight

- he's a scared boy

- oh did i mention you got the stomach flu??

- which means throwing up constantly and Shu is on constant alarm just in case if you unexpectantly throw up

- he's working a double life as a boyfriend and a mom

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