Chapter 21: Timmy Turner

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Woojin didn't tell me not to roam around and where not to go. I know that I'm being stupid but they left me here alone, it's their fault.

Letting my curiosity take over, I tried to open each room starting from the first room aligned with mine upon reaching the last step when you get upstairs. 

Locked, locked, locked, locked, locked and– bingo. The room before mine is unlocked so I didn't hesitate to open the door. The light's off.

If a ghoul suddenly jumps right to my face, I swear it's the end of me. Cause of death: curiosity.

I walk inside, leaving the door open. Thanks to the light outside, I easily found the light switch and didn't see any ghoul inside the room.

The room's just as big as mine and there are picture frames– of Woojin to be precise. A big one on the wall and small ones on his tables. I'm guessing this is his room. Isn't he too vain?

I let my eyes roam around the room while I stand on one place and spotted a syringe on his bedside table just beside his picture frame. The photo is probably his 10 year old self or something. Plot twist: he could have a baby brother.

Wait, a syringe? Why would I syringe be there?

My hand found its way to touch the side of my neck where I was bitten twice since the syringe made me remember about the medicine that he said, only to touch a soft fabric. I had almost forgotten about that. Hyunjin aided my wound did he?

I felt my stomach churn at the thought of him again. We kissed for the second time and we're not yet even dating. When is he going to ask me out? I'm just waiting for him to ask me and I don't think I could say no.

Well, it's kinda inappropriate to be thinking about relationships in our situation right now. I'm being too out of place...

I walked over to the shelf in front of Woojin's bed which is filled with medicine shits. He told me that he inserted medicine in my neck. Was that a vaccine for me to not turn into a ghoul? Do humans turn into ghouls upon getting bitten?

Why didn't I ask such things?

I searched the shelf and found a book so I pulled it out: experiments. Is he a scientist or something?

I just shrugged and put the book back in the shelf since I'm not interested and searched more until something caught my eye once again– a small jar that's labeled with "ghoul bite" so of course I grabbed it. This is probably the one he used on my neck.

Sighing, I put the jar back and just left the room since there's nothing more to find out. I didn't see any papers about the medicines that filled his shelf and I don't think I should read his experiment book even if I was interested.

Did he memorize exactly the positions of everything in his room? Would he find out that I was in there? He's not a psychic isn't he? Should I be nervous now?

Seriously, why am I so dumb sometimes?

I just realized that my head no longer hurts much and my body's no longer heavy. I got well when I least expected myself too. I mean, all this would I get well?

But I did so I'm not complaining.

I decided to go downstairs to watch television for the first time in about 11 years. I sit down on the couch after turning the television on. Damn my butt just got really comfortable like it was meant to be here.

"President Jimin Jung requests everyone to stay indoors and not trust anyone outside as of now. Ghoul hunters stated that ghouls are lurking around Seoul– most especially at night. Our NPs are doing their job and are on guard around the city along with our reverend ghoul hunters. Please–"

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