chapter 6

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Ariana's pov

after about thirty minutes we had pulled up to the front of my house and i was panicking. my dad was going to fucking kill me and I'll never be able to leave the house until I'm thirty. this was already the second time i've been out really late. we've literally only been at our new house for three days and I'm already fucking up.

"its gonna be ight. if anything goes down just come to my house or text me, k" gus reassured me as he tightly held my hand. he was trying to comfort me and it was kinda working.

"you're right, thanks for tonight. i should get going now. hopefully i'll see you soon." i faked a small smile before i opened the car door and got out.

once i was at the end of my steps he drove down the road to his house as i continued to walk up my house steps. my heart was beating out of my chest as i opened the large door and walked inside the house. all the lights were turnt off and everything was quiet. i figured my dad got tired of waiting and went to sleep.

i walked in more being as quiet as possible. as i was about to take another step inside a light flickered on and my heart dropped. i saw my dad sitting in a chair almost in the kitchen and close to the door.

it was almost like one of those movies, where the daughters get caught sneaking in and the dads sit in a chair with a gun. luckily my dad didn't have one. i didn't know what to say at all. i was still shocked and the only thing i did was sigh with a shaky breath.

"dad-" i choked out but got cut off by him. i knew things were about to get heated and it wouldn't turn out good. even thought i hated fighting this was
my fault and i was about to suffer the consequences.

"where the fuck have you been" he said very loudly almost yelling but I could tell he was trying not to scream so he wouldn't wake my siblings up.

"you know how worried I've been. I knew right when i saw that boy he was trouble. god ariana. where have you been? what the hell have you been doing? your brother told me you weren't at the football game. so where'd you go?!" he started to yell. i flinched as he was talking while walking closer to me as he
yelled more and more.

"i-i was at one of his friends house. w-we didn't do anything i-i swear. we just went to a hill and f-fell asleep. that's all." i tried to explained to him as i spoke very quietly. he was a good dad and a very nice person but when you make him mad, you make him mad.

"bullshit! all you do is lie and I'm sick of it. what is your problem ariana! what is wrong with you!" he screamed and paced around the small spot he was standing. tears started to form
in my eyes.

my eyes darted to the top of the steps. i saw my little brother and sister at the top of the steps confused at what was going on. obviously scared since ava was snuggled tightly into asher.

"you know what dad, my problem is you. my problem is that the wrong fucking parent died." i screamed before i stepped back once i had realized what i just said.

his face dropped and it was like everything had stop. no one said a word after that. i soon ran up the steps and into my room. pushing my brother a little bit to get through him.

once i was in my room i fell
onto my mattress and cried.

i probably cried for ten minutes before i sat up and grabbed one of my bags in the corner of my room. i went through it like crazy throwing everything out until i reached what I wanted.

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