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First off I do not own or claim ownership of any Marvel or My hero academia characters or any pictures or videos I may use in the future.

Also, Izuku will still be our innocent and lovable broccoli headed cinnamon roll but he will be a lot more confident in himself, a lot more athletic, taller and an unintentional ladies man.

Another thing, I'm going to change up Hybrid a little, if you don't know who Hybrid is he's a  symbiote made up of four other symbiotes named Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony. The change I'm bringing to him is that I'm including Venom, Carnage, Sleeper, Toxin, Scream, Scorn, Mania, Mayhem, Payback and Raze so fourteen in total, I'm also going to make Agony, Scream, Scorn, Mania, Mayhem, Payback and Raze male and make them all siblings and the 1000th generation of the Klyntar.

Finally, he will be op....nuff said.

Okay so here's how it's gonna go for his harem, almost everybody is gonna be in it (except his mom because that's gross) which includes but is not limited to Class 1-A, class 1-B, heroines and et cetera and I just want to inform you if you haven't noticed before there will be NO LEMONS because I want to treat this as if it was an actual anime (even though that's A LOT of girls just for one person) and I really don't want to go through writing them because that's too weird for me, there will be some moments like kissing and cuddling and stuff like that but that's it and if you can't accept that then just leave. Anyway I really hope you will enjoy my fanfic and I'll try to make as many chapters as quickly as possible, no promises though, have a good day.

This is also my first fan fiction.

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