Todoroki/Izuku/Kouda (1)

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Immediately, Kouda stood up even though his cheeks were burning red. He fumbled with his hands, before shakily signing out; 'Midoriya. Please cover up.'

Izuku. who had learned a bit of sign language with Kouda when he accompanied him during lunch, understood but still looked slightly confused.

"Why?" he questioned, unaware of the desperate, thirsty fucks eyeing him.

'P-please! Just! Never mind!' Izuku jumped when Kouda rushes forward, the normally shy boy grabbed his hand and practically dragged him back down the hallway like a stack of potatoes.
Kouda was definitely strong; underneath the soft and shy nature. His body was pretty built, after all. Still, his grip on Midoriya managed to surprise him.

Kouda had hauled him away just in case things got worse; and by worse he means by every single boy in class 1-A heroics come pouncing at him.

He slipped into his own dorm room, seeing it was closer to them than Izuku's. He opened the door before slamming it shut and frantically locking it.

He was just in time too, judging by the collective stomps of multiple people that tried trailing both of them.

(Along with strings of curses and the sound of explosions)

Kouda strained to listen for the sounds outside him room, he didn't catch Izuku creeping up on him before putting a hand on his shoulder. Kouda jumped a but, squeaking out an apology before facing Izuku.

Oh god, he probably thought Kouda was weird! He did drag him with no explanation.

Kouda gulped before hesitantly looking down at Izuku, who, instead of a weirded out ecpression, wore a small genuine smile. "I don't know why you took me here but.... could I..."

Izuku pointed excitedly at his pet bunny who he hailed as "carrots". It was chowing on some fresh cabbages he had bought earlier. It was also behind his desk, hiding behind it. "Could I pet it?"

Kouda let out a noise of surprise, before hos face breaking out into a hesitant smile, a blush hinting his cheeks at the absolutely delighted look on Izuku. "S-sure." He whispered quietly, using his actual voice instead of signing it out.

He felt comfortable talking to Izuku, who was the only one that approached him during the first day of school whit a big friendly grin and a broken finger. "Thank you Kouda!" Izuku cheered, before jogging towards the rabbit and crouching down, putting his hand out to show he wasn't going to hurt it.

Izuku smiled fondly, before carrots hopped onto his lap and nuzzled into his stomach.

Izuku has a welcoming aura to animals too. Huh. Figures.

Kouda, with nothing to do, plopped down on his bed, watching Izuku with shyness and a bright blush on his cheeks.

Oh god, he had a shirtless Midoriya Izuku in his room while the rest of the bloodthirsty Class 1-A boys are currently hunting for him.

Oh god, no.

He calls it. Kouda was going to be turned into a skewer after this.

And, as if the universe just had to screw him over, a knock resounded on the door.

Izuku perked up, stopping from petting the bunny's ears. Kouda almost choked, before scurrying up and tripping towards the door, peeking out the peephole that was installed just a moment ago.


He froze in fear, but furrowed his eyebrows when the half-toned teen looked around urgently, as if he were hiding from someone. "Kouda, I know you're in there," his muffled voice was calm, but still had the usual cold and detached to it. "Let me in before anyone sees."

Kouda debated over his options.

Surely, Todoroki Shouto was neither going to kill him or take Midoriya for himself. He was a decent, well mannered person (although, he sometimes does act like a watered down version of the hothead Katsuki).

Screw it!

He yanked the door open, keeping it open long enough for Todoroki to jump inside as he shut the door again. "Shouto!" Midoriya giggles, hands clasping together to show he was delighted. "Hi!"

"... Midoriya..." Shouto breathed, eyes scanning him up and down. "Come with me."

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