Chapter 79

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“To the roof top,” he said.


Rooftop? She pondered, one of her eyebrows arched with curiousity.

The elevator began to move, and Evelyn's body felt the impossibly smooth change of velocity. She felt how the heavy, metal object jolt ever so slightly—it was almost nonexistent—as it ejected towards the very tip of the marvellous hotel and the pimple of stone at the top, waiting for the arrival of the elevator.

One side of her was thrilled that she could see the beauty of Utopia from the highest point of the infamous Shangri-La hotel.

Another side was still baffled by why Zayn wanted to take her to the rooftop.

Is he going to murder me and push me off the edge of the building? Her gaze landed on him, who stood at her side silently, a joyful smile tainted his face. One of his arms was still around the base of her waist, but the hold was no longer unbearably possessive.

Their bodies were very close.

So close, that Evelyn noticed small things about Zayn that she hadn’t before.

She noticed how neat and well-trimmed his beard was.

She noticed how his raven black hair glimmered a little under the soft lighting. They were to die for, so healthy and voluminous and just impossibly beautiful…

She also noticed a small dot at the centre of his earlobe and thought: The evidence of an old piercing maybe?

She wondered what he was like, during his days as a human, and his experiences throughout the years.

She wondered what it would be like to live through so many eras, meet so many people—most of them no longer alive—and witness so many historical events… She forced herself to think of his hardship, his pain and everything he had lost during those years.

He is pitiable. Three thousand years, that’s long enough for a man to experience every pain imaginable, Evelyn told herself. You need to give him a chance. Maybe those years of pain could justify his actions?

She took a deep breath as the elevator door pinned opened.

It opened itself to a large, rectangular room made entirely of glass—which were almost invisible under the glow of the moon and the stars.

The room was brightly lit, hundreds of thousands of candles of all shapes, sizes and colors illuminated the room. They were everywhere. On the floors, stacked atop of each other, creating oddly shaped ornaments and hung from the ceiling on little baskets…

Their vibrant flames contrasted the dark night outside of the glass heaven. If Evelyn said the sight wasn’t completely breathtaking and that she wasn’t taken aback by the amount of time and effort that must have gone into the decoration of the room, she would be lying.

The scene was romantic, and was Zayn’s most successful shot at her heart, ever. All the lavished gifts and promise of the world Zayn made to her, was nothing comparing to the romantic scene before her.

It was possibly the only right they Zayn had done since he met Evelyn.

She stared up at the candle filled ceiling with bewilderment. The whole place was truly filled with candles, burning brightly and warmly. There were several air vents around the rectangular room, circulating in the cold air outside, replacing the warm air inside so that the room didn’t overheat.

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