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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

I was at the Kitchen tabel thinking of what Uma said last night what did she mean and how did i breath underwater and is Marissa okay i was shaking my lag

"Hey Emma Malia pass the pepper!" I heard Luke said as i still kept thinking

"Earth to Emma and Malia!" Luke yelled at us

"Not eating flushed out either Emma's in love or she's been bitten by a deer tick and as for Malia well that's a look of worried" Jessie said as i snapped out of it no i am not

"His name is Vincent" Emma said as i played along

"Emma's in love with a ticked named Vincent?" I asked confused as they looked at me

"He's this really cute guy from School" Emma said with a smile i think i no him

"He's so cool he fits in with Malia's Gang" Luke said as i smiled

"Way too cool to ask me out" Emma said as Luke smriked

"You got that right Vincent is awesome!" Luke said as i laughed a bit

"In a Bollywood movie he would get the girl her sister and four goats as a dowry" Ravi said as we all looked at him confused

Them song:
Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh oh oh
Hey Jessie,hey Jessie
It feels like a party everday
Hey Jessie hey Jessie
But they keep on pulling me every which way
Hey Jessie hey Jessie
My whole world is changing turning around
They got me going crazy the ground're
And i don't want to let them down down down
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Jessie!
Malia's P.O.V

I was Jessie in the park my teacher wanted us to do a going Green project since he looked up the isle thought it was a good idea so we got a week off

"You know Malia i think it's great that your Going Green school project you're planting a tree" Jessie said as i smiled

"Most of my class is just taking shorter showers which is a bad move for the stinkier kids" i said as me and Jessie made a gross out look i looked at her

"Hey! Maybe i'll name my tree after you!" I said with a smile

"Oh, that's so sweet my dad named an urban assault vehicle after me yeah one night he lost control and crashed 'Jessie' through a grocery store" Jessie said as i looked at her

"If your dad ever comes to vist remind to have my magic book ready" i said as Jessie nodded an hour later me and Jessie went back to the park i saw a girl

"What's that girl doing to Branchy?" I asked as Jessie looked hurt

"I thought her name was Jessie! Okay i'll just pretend that doesn't sting" Jessie said as i glared at the girl who was already scared of me

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