Chapter one my first day

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PLEASE READ THIS!(Finally I have enough time to write this! I'm so sorry I kept you guys waiting I had a bunch of test this week with school and everything is crazy! So if this is a short chapter I'm really sorry but anyway enough of me talking LETS CONTINUE WITH THE STORY!) you woke up to the sound of your alarm clock "fantastic way to start the day for me annoying alarm clock..." Y/N said she sighed till her lungs were running out of air from the lake of joy "Wake up sis you need to go to school!" Your older brother said "Ok let me get ready first and then I'll come down k?" "K" you got out of bed not wanting to go to school you just wanted to stay home bing watching anime but you new that you hade to go to school so you sucked it up and went the bathroom to go get ready you got on your uniform and headed down stairs and You sat at the end of the table eating your bacon (BACON) (by the way if you don't like bacon then just pretend it's something else) you were going to go get your book bag so you could make it in time before you are late and get detention "bye love!" "Love you too!...I guess" then you walked out the door and started walking to school you thought you were going to walking to school in the morning alone but little did you know that you would soon see a very old friend of yours meet up with you

                    It was Satori?!

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