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Your songggg based off the ones I know lmaoo


Fire N Gold by Bea Miller

This song is so inspiring an great and upbeat which is exactly your relationship! Fire and gold! It's like you two connected the moment you laid eyes on each other. Your love is always shining through and it's so amazing.


Collar Full by Panic! At The Disco

It's a great song, and he can't tell you exactly how or what he feels when he's around you soooo yeah. This song kind of expresses everything! He basically can't get enough of your love!


Tear In My Heart by Twenty One Pilots

You make him feel aliveeeeee and he loves being with you! Sometimes someone just has to pierce your heart to remins you you've got one. And that's what you did to Illumi!


Almost Love by Sabrina Carpenter

Lmao. It's actually a perfect description of your relationship. Mostly describing how excited Hisoka is whenever he's around/thinks about you.


Clarity.. The boy cover though

It's because (the cover) it's a calm song representing how you're basically a person that (like Kurapika) he needs to remind him he's not completely a monster. It seems you only kill when you have to, while he just does it.

The difference is weird. But it works.


War of Hearts by Ruelle Acoustic

It's perfect because.. Well despite the both of your personalities, you both are drawn to each other. You begin to think what would either of you be without the other and it's.. Well..

And it's not like either of you can help your feelings anyway. But then again.. Who can?


Moonlight by Ariana Grande

The love is just soooo...ugsjksks
Strong and perfect. Just listen to the song lolol


Photograph by Ed Sheeran

It's just such a cutesy and perfect relationship song! You guys just have the most picture perfect moments. The thing is you two don't need cameras. Every moment is special, and you store that in your minds forever. That's what makes your love so perfect.

Pictures aren't needed to remember the good times.


Symphony by Clean Bandit/Zara Larsson

Let's just say.. He was quite a mess before you. His goals were killing the Phantom Troupe, and he felt like a monster. He needs to follow your vibe, aura, and well.. Melody to remind him he's still human.

He.. Basically needs you. Don't ever let go reader-chan!


Mona Lisa by Sabrina Carpenter

Okayy sooo lmao it's just wow. I get this every time I just.. 😂 look, just listen to the lyrics it's just so perfect to me.


Real talk, this was harder than I thought. Not exaggerating, I spent hours choosing and searching for songs.

Also, look at the numbers at the top:

I do have to switch around a chap but yea

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I do have to switch around a chap but yea. Lmao 94 chaps

Anyway love you all bye! 💖

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