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"yo yo yo! we heading to the black hat post. this don't even sound that bad."

"oh, it's a hitman site! taehyung, i swear, let's hire one of these hitmen to kill bethany's raggedy ass at school!"

"hell yeah!" taehyung said, both of them forgetting to be quiet, jimin shushing the older immediately. "also, we haven't gotten hacked yet... we are immortal. we will never be hacked. we are the best. we are the no hack go—"

then the screen had began glitching.

"oh gosh damnit— hold up. i got this. just do that... click that arrow... bro, this guy's hacking skills are absolute trash! the guy's a mad lad! continue the browsing, i just blocked it off.

we don't need to know your situation with the hit, and prefer not to. we get it done correctly the first time.

there were images attached as well, more specifically the aftermath of the hits. really bloody. it was the color of a bright ass red stoplight. or when you apply lipstick, then your teeth look so much whiter. the white was the walls. the red was the blood.


jimin wasn't very afraid anymore, now that he was underneath three piles of blankets and a couple of kumamon plushies. of course, he was still paranoid of getting kidnapped or something dumb like that. just not as much anymore.

"blue whale, boys!"

"how much you wanna bet the website is just going to have pictures of blue whales mating?"

"like... twenty bucks."

unable to connect
tor can't establish a connection to this server.

• the site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. try again in a few minutes.

• if you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.

• if your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that tor browser is permitted to access the web.

"gosh damnit!"

"this is bullcrap!"

"we heading to burned at the stake. get ready to see those ugly ass witches lookin' like the grinch... like, damn what you doing, dyslexic cracker?!"

we burn people at the stake publicly.

anybody. from the president or our significant others, we accept anybody.

as long as you pay the price.

president (any country) - $10000

some stranger we don't care about - $100

celebrity (female) - $500

celebrity (male) - $450

some kpop singer - $4000

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