Chapter 8

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Kayleigh's pov

We get to the bar and Shawn hands me a a drink. I notice he didn't get himself anything. "You're not getting anything?"

"I have important meetings tomorrow morning so I just don't want to drink so I'm feeling good for them." he explains.

"What kind of meetings do you have?" I ask curiously.

"It's just to discuss my upcoming tour, we still have lots to do when it comes to the sets and stuff like that."

"Oh okay, that sounds kind of fun."

"Eh it's okay," Shawn shrugs. "I don't like the planning as much as I like actually being on the tour. I love performing and travelling all over the place. It's my favorite thing about the job."

I could listen to Shawn talk about this all night, he's so passionate about it and it just makes me happy to listen to him. "It sounds amazing."

We are walking towards the back of the stage when a girl comes up and asks for a picture. This must get annoying, never being able to be alone, constantly being bothered for a picture or autograph. Shawn smiles at the girls phone and then turns back to me and grabs my hand. "Yeah it is. You'll have to come watch a few of the shows."

"I would love that." I look him in the eyes and we both smile at each other.

We make it behind the stage and Shawn leads me to a hallway with dressing rooms. "I just have to say hi to Ruel really quick and then we can go find a place to watch." We head through one of the doors and there's people everywhere. Shawn let's go of my hand and heads over to a young guy and I follow him. "Hey man, what's up?" Shawn says to him and gives him a hug. He then turns to me and introduces me, "This is Kayleigh."

"Hi," I give him a hug. "It's nice to meet you, Shawn has told me great things."

"Yeah, likewise, I'm glad you guys could come out." Ruel says to Shawn and I. We stay in the room and talk with him for a bit before deciding we should go back out and find a place to stand and watch the show.

As we are walking through the crowd I notice there are people taking pictures of me. I suddenly get very self conscience and move a little closer to Shawn trying to hide my face, which he notices. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yep." I respond but not very convincingly.

"I'm really sorry about all this, I know it can be kind of crazy at times. Trust me, it's the worst part of the job."

I put a smile on my face to make him feel better. "It's fine, really. I just didn't know you had to deal with this kind of thing so often."

"Yeah, I've learnt how to just block it out most of the time."

The lights start to dim and Ruel steps out onto the stage. Shawn was right, he really is amazing. Shawn and I had a blast during the show. He was right, eventually you don't even notice the people taking your photo anymore. We danced and when my feet started to hurt from my heels he leaned against the wall and held me against him with his arms wrapped around my neck and shoulders. He smells absolutely amazing.

When Ruel finished his set Shawn and I walked over to say goodbye and take a picture all together. "Are you ready to go?" Shawn asks me as he puts his hand on my back.

"Yeah I think so." We turn around to leave and Shawn leaves his hand on my back. For all I care it could stay there forever. I wrap my hand around his bicep and leads me out of the club. We pass the paparazzi again and I lean in close to Shawn and try to cover my face with my hand.

We get to Shawn's car and he opens the door for me yet again, which I could definitely get used to. It's still quite early, only midnight. "I can take you home if you want, or you can come to my place for a bit, whatever you want." Shawn says looking at me.

I think for a few seconds about what I want to do. I've had a lot of fun with Shawn tonight, and I think I do like him, so why not spend as much time with him as I can to make sure it's what I want. "Your place is good." I say as I smile at him.

He smiles as he pulls away from the curb and into the night traffic. We get to Shawn's condo around 12:30. He unlocks the door and we walk inside together. "Do you have a phone charger? My phone died when we were at the club." I ask.

"Yeah, I think there's one in my bedroom you can use that one." He says as he pours us both a glass of water. I walk into Shawn's room and notice how tidy it is. I find it hard to believe I was sleeping in this bed less than forty-eight hours ago.

I walk back into the living room to find Shawn sitting on the couch. I take off my heels and go sit by him, "oh my god, why do I wear heels?"

Shawn laughs and moves more into the corner of the coach, making room for me beside him. "Do you want to watch something?"

"Yeah, I'm good with whatever." I say as we look through his netflix. I spot Greys Anatomy under his recently watched. "Please tell me you're the one who watches Greys."

Shawn chuckles, "Yes I am obsessed with it. Do you watch it?"

"Best show ever." I respond.

"I would put it on however I get super into it and it's a little embarrassing."

I laugh as he keeps scrolling through the choices. "Ooh put a horror movie on I love those."

We choose a movie and I lean into him as he puts his arm around me and fall deeper into the couch.

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