Liza Torrrentflame

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     (P.S this character is a oc from undertale a few of these are)

Gender: Female

Age: Around 20-30 (haven't picked the age yet)

Lover: Neo

Family: Neo, Ava, Night, Day, Eclipse. Siblings-in-law: Alec, and Lucky. Brother: Luca. Mom: Amabel. Dad: Eiden.

Backstory: As a young girl she was mistreated because she was a monster and not human like the rest of her family, when the great war broke out between monsters and humans she chose to stay with the monsters and the rest of her people before that happened her mother and father saw what they were doing was wrong and she forgave them and they became a family again but time was short her parents were devastated. years passed the human Frisk saved the monsters. While in the underground (and a little help from Frisk) she proposed to Neo and got married in Waterfall and had a small kit (Ava) once back she set out to find her parents. Once she found them she found out they had another child this time a boy who was 15 named Luca.

Type of magic: Water, Ice, Poison

Funfacts: She is Me'faw or a neko but her parents are human she got the cat gene from her me'faw great great grandmother on her moms side. When Liza was born on the same day as Ven died(another one of my oc's) there for Ven latched herself on Liza's soul, she is still with her to this day and is the reason Liza has poison magic

Where her name comes from:

First name: Liza; reason? I like the name, okay?

Last name tor·rent;a strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid. Flame; a hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire. Reason; 1. it ment as with no matter what through think and thin through even floods to fire, they are family and they stick together, 2. Liza has water magic and Neo has fire magic. 3. The name could also show that they are willing accept change, as a river is going to accept to change to a fast or slow pace, however since the river only flows one way sometimes they may have trouble with being sympathetic at times, this shows Liza's not a fast trusting person and only really shows her true colors around family or close people to her. Neo is a kind but somewhat of a hard cookie, but is kind and her smile could spread to the worst person on earth.

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