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"Whatever Simon says you have to do" the people in the room nod their head, the second time within the past twenty four hours playing this game. It was getting boring for 'simon' but he had no other ideas.

"Did Simon say answer?" They still, watching as 'simon' paces back and fourth.

"Simon says jump" the three people followed.

"Simon says meow." They meowed once.

"Simon says bark like a dog five times." They started barking, obey 'simon's' command to the last letter.

"Simon says touch your toes." They bend down as much as they can.

"Ah, ah, ah... fin, your not touching your toes." He taunts and the man stretches even more, fingers barley grazing his toes.

"I'll accept." He sighs, "Simon says stand up straight and spin in circles."

"Stop." They don't stop and 'Simon' smiles, "Simon says stop and face me"  they turn to him obediently.

"Simon says turn around." The turned around.

"Run." One of the girls took off, the chain wrapped around her ankles clanging together as she cries for help; screaming for someone, for anyone.

'Simon' cackles at the girl fruitless  attempts to get help, the door at the top of the stairs was a steel one and locked with the only key dangling around 'Simons' neck. A smirk grows on his face as the other girl and guy look at each other, face drained of color.

"I didn't say Simon says" He taunts loudly, going to the others and locking the chains along their wrists to the roofs. He turns and walks casually to the stairs where the girl continued to slam her fists against the door. The entire basement was soundproof so her wails and bangs were silenced.

"Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca." He laughs, slowly walking up the stairs where the girls cries increased.

"I didn't say Simon says." He repeats, standing a step behind the girl. She tenses at how close he is before turning, trying to elbow him in the face. He catches the elbow, holding it in a tight grip.

"Rebecca? After all the time we spent together you should've known this would've have worked" he sighed with fake hurt. The girl whimpers as his grip tightens.

"You really thought this would've worked?" He hisses, dragging her back down the stairs as she cries.

"Please, please I'm sorry." She begs and he pulls her into a separate room. He shoves her in before turning and locking the door behind him.

"I'll be right back Rebecca. Time for your punishment" he singsongs and she sobs on the ground. He rattles the knob and hears louder sob before he turns to the other two, walking between them.

"Fin, Amanda." He states, undoing their chains and leading them to their separate cell like rooms.

"You two won Simon says!" He says happily, a sadistic cackle leaving his throat again.

"You will get dinner tonight and no more play time." He sighs, closing the doors behind them.

"Please don't hurt her." Fin begs, trying to prevent the inevitable for the younger girl.

"She knows the rules fin." He laughs, standing close to the cage.

"Don't question me again." He snaps and fin shrinks back.  'Simon' whistles and walks to the  room Rebecca was in, grabbing a katana along the way. He stays besides the wall and opens the door and Rebecca charges, Looking shocked when she hits nothing. She turns slowly, staring at her captor with absolute fear.

"You really don't understand." He sighs, shaking his head. He grabs the chains attached to her wrists, yanking her back Into the room.  He shoves her in front of him, a wicked grin on his face as He raises his katana and lets it slice through her wrist; laughing as she screams in pain and blood flows freely. She was already malnourished, eyes surrounded by dark circles. There was a cut on her eyebrow and another along her chin.

"You could've won. Fin was going to break any second" He taunts, using the bloodied end of the katana to make her lift her head to look at him.

"Shame." He states before the smile returns, "let's have some fun."

In their cells fin and Amanda listened as the other girl screamed, blood slowly leaking out from underneath the door.

Yeah you could say Jonathan Denis was fucked up. You can say that it was his parents fault for turning him into what he was today; A kidnapper, a murderer, a psycho. 

His best friend would agree; it was all his parents fault. For the abuse they put him through his entire life.

Jonathan Denis was abused for thirteen years, he was forced to watch as his father raped his mother before it was his turn, he was forced to watch as his father shot his mother in cold blood and laughing as she screamed and begged for jon to help her. Jonathan Denis killed both his mother and father, snapping when the gun was trained on him.

Jonathan Denis lost his entire life. He lost everything because his parents were insane. His blood lust took away any last drop of humanity he had left.

And it was all his parents fault.

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