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Mavis' P.O.V. (Back in time)

I watch as the Naval Battle comes down to our guild (Yay!) and Sabertooth's guild. 

I...I can't believe I saw Zeref. I could just wonder what he was doing here, although I think it's something to do with the Grand Magic Games. I can't risk anyone being harmed. For now, I'll cheer on the games! I just can't take my mind off of him...

"WOOO! Go Fairy Tail! We're gonna win!" I jump up and down with excitement. 

I keep watching, and witness Cana cleverly defeat Minerva. There's a fire lit inside of that girl, just like the rest of us. I'm proud to see what this school's become. 

However, once the battle began at the palace, I rushed immediately over. I knew that Zeref was the one behind this, oh how I wish there was another way to help him. 

"HEEEEEEEEELP! PLEASE! ANYOOONE!" I hear Cana's voice rushing over to me. 

"MASTER MAVIS! Please, we can't fight this! Can't you see? Please help Fairy Tail, we can't have anyone die!" 

"She's right, they're only children." Makarov comes behind me. I look at Cana crying at the ground, and reach out my hand. She looks up, and takes my hand. I then glow, and start a flow of magic power surging through both of us. She starts to gasp, and winces in pain. Her guild mark glows, and I let go, opening my eyes to her shocked face as a tattoo is on her arm. 

"Our grand spell requires immense magic power and concentration. I believe you have both, and we'll save our comrades." She clenches a fist, and nods.

-Back to present time- 

Under the smoke of where Fairy Glitter was cast, a crater was formed. Zeref was nowhere to be found. 

" he dead?!" Cana exclaimed. I shook my head no. 

"Absolutely not. He vanished. Who knows when he'll be back, although I think it should be soon." After everyone disappeared, I escorted all the injured to the infirmary. I then went back to the battlefield, where fire still remained and the crater. I floated down to the center, and then dropped to my knees, filled with sadness. I started to cry all my emotions out, like a little girl. I thought of Zeref, whom I had met so long ago, turning into a black wizard. I cried out everything we shared together, all by myself. 

Zeref's P.O.V. 

After I escaped, I immediately headed back to regain myself. 

"My lord, we shall move quickly!" One of my servants exclaimed. 

"No. Wait it a while." 

"Your feelings should absolutely not matter! We need Fairy Heart, and we need to wipe all of those pesky wizards out!" 

"I know that." My black magic takes over, and I kill one of them. 

"We shall act with caution." 

"Yes sir!" My head suddenly pings, and I see Mavis, in the middle of where I escaped, crying. I let out a sigh, and turn the other way. 

Horrid how we can't love each other so. 

Gray's P.O.V. 

I woke up, with my arms sore and my injuries patched. I lift my head, and realize I was sleeping on the side of the infirmary bed, sitting in a chair. Juvia was still unconscious. 

"Are you hungry?" Mira walks in, carrying food and closing the door behind her. I shake my head, then realize there are many other of my friends injured, including Laxus. She sets aside a meal for him on the table, and walks over.

"Water? It was a long battle." I take a sip, and then realize how thirsty I was. I drank the whole cup, and she gently smiled with a tired face. She sighs. 

"I guess I should let some visitors in." She opens the door to Elfman, Bickslow, Evergreen, and Freed. 

"LAXUS! Oh, Laxus!" Freed rushes over, and cries with joy of how he was alright. Bickslow stands behind. Elfman struggles to fit into the door, and when he finally does he's slapped by Evergreen with her fan. 

"A real man can fit through doors!" 

"Oh yeah, well a real man can take a few hits and let a lady walk by." She retorted. Elfman winced.

"You shouldn't be picking on each other at this time. We were all fighting." Mira said. 

"Yeah, that's real manly!" Evergreen facepalmed. "Why am I here with you...?" 

After a while, Jellal and Erza popped by, while the Thunder Legion left, to say hello to Juvia and I. 

"We brought you some cake. Erza insisted on keeping the strawberry for herself, so-" Jellal started. 

"Alright, alright! I'll give them some." She hesitantly struggles to give them the box with a slice of strawberry cake, and I lightly pushes it back. 

"Jellal, it's fine. Let her have what she wants. Surprised she didn't beat you up for it." Erza's eyes glowed, and gladly took the cake back. Jellal laughed. 

"She's never beaten me up. At least, I hope not anytime soon either." Erza blushes, and gives me some snacks and scolds Jellal. The 2 then leave for a walk, hopelessly arguing to no end. I sigh, and smiles at the two. I sit down to eat, and then decide to check on the others. Before I went out the door, and I took one last peek at Juvia. 

She looks cute while she's sleeping. I thought as I closed the door behind me. 



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