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Two days later

Ellen’s POV

I stand in a woman’s underwear store trying to waste time, my music in my ears so I can block out anyone who may be after my attention, ‘I Swear’ by All 4 One humming in my ears as I look at bras hung on a rack, my fingers fumbles though stacks of single pairs of underwear as I stand by a table covered in lace panties, some of them I lift to get a better look at, there is barely any fabric used in these I can’t help but think how uncomfortable it must be, I let a shiver run throw me as I drop it back on the table and walk across the shop floor in time to the music, ‘End Of The Road’ by Boys-II-Men, my hands tracing over the lace of some of the bras as I make it to a tall wall, bras hung up from top to toe, my left ear phone was removed, I turn to see who had disturbed my peace.

“Fancy seeing you here.” His British accent washes over me.

“In a woman’s underwear shop?” I raise an eyes brow and he shrugs causing me to laugh, “What are you doing in a lingerie store?”

“Looking for a bra of cause.” He said holding a bright pink bra to his chest, I laughed and I took it off him and placed it back on the wall.

“Shopping for underwear.” he said mater-of-factly.

“Not shopping.” He cocks his head to the side, “wasting time.” He nods looking back over the bras, I feel my earphone budge slightly and I look to see he has placed my ear phone in where ‘Unchained Melody’ by Righteous Brothers is playing, I look at his face waiting for a reaction, no one expects me to listen to music like it, and there reaction normally annoys me.

“Didn’t picture you as a girl to like classics.” I shyly smile looking back to the bras walking along slowly, “Can I see your play list?” I take my phone from my pocket and pass it to him. “Paul Anka, Kenny Rogers, The Temptations, Shirley Bassey, these are really good artists.” I let out a small laugh.

“Nerd.” I take my phone back as he laughs.

“As long as you admit your one to.” I nod.

“Sounds fair.” I stroll along looking at the underwear, Louis following along.

“So why are you wasting time?” He asks as I brush my fingers over the cup of a bra.

“I’m waiting for my brother.” Louis nods, “You never told me why you were here, in a women’s lingerie shop.” He shrugs.

“I saw you as I walked past, thought I might come offer some help.” I raise an eye brow, “My plan was ruined when you said you weren’t buying any.”

“Your such a perv.”

“But I do it sweetly.” I laugh at him. “I like this one.” He states, “You should get it.” I take it off him observing it for a moment it was a lime, yellowish, green lace but not see through, I looked at him, he actually looked hopeful, I placed it back in the spot he picked it up from.

“Im not buying today.” I looked at my phone, “crap I have to go, my brother will be waiting.” I rushing pulling the earphone from his ear and rushing out of the underwear shop, I look back once to see him walking out of the lingerie store, watching as I jog though the shop, I turn back around and finally make it to food court to meet my brother, his friend and his friends mum.

“Hi sorry, I got distracted.” The lady smiled at me.

“That’s alright, we haven’t been waiting long.” Josh crosses to stand in front of me.

“Thank you for taking him, im sure he had fun.” I rub his upper arms.

“I hope you did, Josh.” She smiles.

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