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Mage's POV

"This restaurant looks fancy." I said while roaming my eyes around the place. It is.. a fancy restaurant.

"Yes it is. Surprised?" He asked.

"Very. Look at what we are wearing." I whispered.

"That's the twist. And by the way, how can you enjoy delicious foods if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing?" He asked.

"You're different." I said while chuckling and rolling my eyes.

"Is that a good different?" He asked and I nodded while smiling.

The waiter asked for our name not after he looked at us up and down examining what we're wearing, this is a reserve-only restaurant. We sat in the seats that Jack reserved, we have our own place. Wow, when Tyler and I was together, he didn't even try to make at least one effort yet he was payed by my parents. Oh, remove Tyler. People looked at what we're wearing, I can't blame them tho. But they don't have to look like we killed someone before we went here.

"How much all of this cost you?" I asked, crunching my brows.

"Don't worry about that love. I still have money from my credit card, this is not enough for all the things that you did to me tho." He said and I smiled, like smile, love smile.

"Stop doing these things and stop making me feel this way. I might look for it everyday." I said.

"You don't need to look for it. I'll try my best to make you feel like this everyday." He said while smiling.

"Let's start eating!" I half-shouted which caused more people's attention towards us. I hate it.


Mage's POV

"Hey thanks for today." I said while smiling at him. We are already in the house watching tv. It's 5 pm, mom and dad left, work.

"Thank you too." He said while kissing my cheek. We still haven't kiss in the lips. It becomes more and more special for me, I know it's not my first kiss, but it's a true kiss.

"You look like him." I said while pointing at the tv.

"Oh really?" He asked while closing his face towards mine.

"Yes, really." I said nervously while distancing us and he chuckled.

"Really huh?" He asked still doing the same thing. Our faces are inches away and he's closing the gap, I guess this will be our first kiss, I closed my eyes waiting for his soft lips. But I felt something different, something, ticklish! I laughed hard falling onto the floor.

"Okay, s-stop!" I pleaded but he just tickled me harder.

"So do I still look like Homer Simpson?" He asked threateningly.

"Yes." I said straightforward and he tickled me again.

"O-okay. You do-don't!" I shouted.

"Good." He said while sitting back.

"Well, you look like Marge Simpson." He added and I glared at him before tackling him.

"I do not!" I shouted while laughing. I sat back and ignored him. I'm just going to play with him tho. I don't care if it's me being immature.

"Hey, are you mad?" He asked.

"Don't you like it, our son will look like Bart. Our daughters will look like Lisa and Maggie. And we'll have a pet dog named Santa's Little Helper then we'll also have a pet cat named Snowball." He said soothingly making me chuckle.

"But I only want one son and one daughter." I said while chuckling.

"Then let's erase Maggie." He said.

"That's still in the future bud. But wait, are you sure it'll gonna happen?" I asked teasingly.

"Yes, I am definitely sure." He said.

"But still, I don't look like Marge." I said while pouting like a child.

"Okay fine. I'll just find some other Marge." He said teasingly.

"Then go find, I don't care." I said irritatedly and he chuckled.

"I smell jealousy." He said and I rolled my eyes at him.

"I hate you." I said while smiling.

"You know you like me." He said confidently. Ego-man.

After a couple of minutes talking and laughing. We stopped and just focused on the movie we're watching. It's an intense movie tho.

"Please pause it." I said and he reached for the remote.

"What? Why?" He asked confusingly and I chuckled.

"Just going to pee, please." I said and he nodded while smiling.

At last! I made it to the bathroom safely not after I stumbled and fell my face flat on the floor. Good thing nobody saw.


Jack's POV

I can't believe that I am smiling without any reason right now. It's like I am falling- no, slow down Jack. Now, I am talking to myself. Oh Mage, why are you doing this to me? I fucking hate myself. I know that I don't deserve her, but I just can't resist her. She's just so fine..

*Ring* *Ring* a sound of a phone interrupted my thoughts. I looked for it and found it under the pillows. Unknown number is calling Mage. Should I answer? or not? It's her privacy.. but something inside me want to answer it. Who is this shit calling Mage? I just felt a little bit of Jealousy, okay maybe full jealousy. The tone died down but it rang again. I looked around, Mage is still not here. I opened the phone and I pressed the answer button.

"Hello Mage?" A guy's voice.

"Mage? It's Tyler." He said and I didn't answer. I'll just let him talk. It's fucking Tyler, the guy who broke Mage's heart. Heh.

"Okay, I just want to say sorry. I know that you're still hurt. I will not give up until you forgive me." He said, making my blood boil.

"This is Mage's boyfriend. Stay away from her, I'm not threatening you or something. Just stay away, you'll just hurt her feelings again." I said sternly and he chuckled.

"Oh? Mage's boyfriend eh? You're the one from the magazine, I see. So you're the new guy that her parents are paying?" He asked humourlessly while chuckling.

"No. Fuck you." I answered sternly.

"Dude, ew no." He said jokingly.

"Who are you talking to?" Mage asked and I turned around.

I didn't say anything, I just handed the phone to her. When she got the phone, she hanged up not bothering to talk to Tyler.

"This is my privacy Jack." She said sternly and I stiffened.

"Sorry, it said unknown and I got curious." I reasoned.

"But still, it's my privacy." She said.

"What if it's emergency? I'm just curious, that's all." I said. I'm way too mad to say sorry or explain right now, just the fact that Tyler is calling him makes me mad. How dis Tyler knew his number in the first place? Okay I am clearly acting like an overprotective boyfriend and I don't want Mage feeling like she's locked up.. it's just that it's Tyler, the guy who broke Mage's heart. I'm not mad at Mage of course, I know that I'd hurt her feelings.