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Two days later

Ellen’s POV

I didn’t go to school yesterday, I stayed home with Soap, it was just like a weekend, sitting back and watching TV, because he was injured he made me do everything for him, made me go out and buy him lunch, get him a new icepack when he needed it, get him a drink when he wanted it, I didn’t mind doing it for him, he was hurt and my little brother and I got a few things out of it, I would go get him lunch but not before I had my own and waited a few hours to go back home with his, but today he begged me to go to school and let him stay home alone, I was the same at his age, begging my mum to let me stay home by myself because I wanted to prove I was big enough to do it, I know he would be fine that’s why I didn’t protest and went to school, first, second and third period went by in a blur, I had history first, which I almost got sent out of twice, I had writing second which I intently paid attention in, then I had math which I think maybe I broke a table by continuously pushing it against the wall. I stood in the change rooms of the hall, slipping out of my school shirt and replacing it with a t shirt, I replaced my school skirt with my shorts before grabbing my ear phones and phone, knowing full well it was gym day, when I entered the hall the boys were already in the gym, I took off down to the oval as I found music to listen to, upbeat to get into the running vibe, my earphones were placed in, and pounding into my head, I know that if I took the buds out the music would be as if I hasn’t plug earphones into but I didn’t care, blocking the world out was what I did when I ran and thats what I was going to do now.

Louis’ POV

I hadn’t seen Ellen all day until sport, I don’t know if she was ignoring me or she just hadn’t seen me but I walked up to our sport teacher as he stood to the side of the gym and watched the boys boost their egos by bench pressing more than one another, Harry was a part of that, he had told me this was what happen every Friday, going into the gym.

“Sir, where’d Ellen go?” I asked looking in the direction he was which was at the boys in the gym, making sure they weren’t being stupid.

“Down the back.” he said not looking at me, “Every Friday she runs the whole period, your welcome to join her if you’d like, just if she tells you to leave her, I would do what she says.” He looks me up and down, “I’m sure she could snap you like a twig.” I nodded before making my way out of the hall I spotted a figure running, around the oval down the back, she must do laps, I made my way down to her, running quite fast to catch her until I was running at her pace but behind slightly, I reach around and pull the extremely loud music from her ears, she turns her head before laughing and grabbing the earphones from my grasp.

“What are you doing?” I move to run beside her and she grips her phone and turns the music off, placing it and the now de-attached head phones into her pocket.

“Sir said I could run with you.” She nodded, I was panting as I said it but when she replied it didn’t seem like a struggle.

“Im surprised he didn’t make you stay in the gym, it’s only your first week so it’s your first gym lesson.”

“Why don’t you do the gym stuff?”

“It’s stinks.” She admits making me laugh, she looks up at me as we run.

“What’s funny?”

“You say the gym stinks but you’re out here running.” She shrugs.

“This is open, the gym is in a small confined space where twenty guys are trying to empress each other with how much they can bench press.” I nod in agreement, “You’re not one to try and empress the skanks of the class?” she asked and I was confused, my lack of reply made her continue. “The girls in the class, they don’t do anything but sit around and watching the guys run around and on Fridays they sit in the stinking gym and watch the boys boost their egos.”

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