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Louis looked over and smiled at the sight of Harry sleeping in his bed. The sun was peering in through the window and it was shining magically on his skin. He moved closer so he could trace his fingers down Harrys' back just feeling his skin underneath his fingers. 

He rolled back over to grab his phone just in time to hear Harry mumbling.

"Why are you awake?" He asked, voice low.

"Because I knew your beautiful little ass was in my bed."

Harry laughed into his pillow, "Shut up and go back to sleep."

Louis clicked on his camera and went to take a picture.

"Don't you dare." Harry mumbled.

"I do dare." Louis teased, snapping the photo.

" Louis teased, snapping the photo

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"I hate you."

"No you don't." 

Louis put his phone back down before scooting closer and wrapping his arm around Harry, "We can go back to sleep now."

"Thank you, Louis. I'm fucking exhausted after last night."

Louis was going to tease him about his ass being the best place to be but Harry was already asleep again. He just snickered and put his head back down on his own pillow while keeping himself wrapped around Harrys' naked body.

NiallHorny: hey bitches

TopTommo: what bitch

StylishStyles: hiiiii.

NiallHorny: do one of you want to come with me to meet lauren? she will have a friend with her and it won't be so awkward for me.😝😣

StylishStyles: i have to work otherwise i would.

TopTommo: i'll go with you. it's boring here without harry. 😞

NiallHorny: you're the best thanks. 

StylishStyles: don't let him cause too much trouble, niall. but i'm probably saying this to the wrong person.

NiallHorny: hahahaha don't need to worry, harry. i'll take  care of him.

TopTommo: i got a baby and i got a daddy.😄

NiallHorny: behave or i'll spank you!

TopTommo: i'll bend over and let you spank me!!😜😜

StylishStyles: 😑😑

TopTommo: hahaha. just kidding, baby. love you.

StylishStyles: yeah, yeah. now let me up so i can take a shower.

Louis planned on going with Niall as promised but he had other things to do today. He and Zayn both took time off work to go with Liam. They were going to talk to Robin and his friends at the station. Now, they all knew they couldn't get special treatment and that the law was the law. They just wanted to discuss their options before Nick was let out in just a couple days. They wanted to make sure that Harry was safe. 

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