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EXO Imagine: EXO as your husband

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Suho: What do you want? I'll make your wish come true.

Chen: Let's have a baby!

Xiumin: How many kids do you want?

Beanca (Author): OMO OMO 100 PLEASE!!!

Chanyeol: Hahaha! I've married you! *derp

Kris: I'm married?.........................

Lay: Who are you?

Luhan: Wth... why am I prettier than you?

Sehun: Let'th thleep at Luhan'th houthe!

Kai: Come on! We need to have many kids ASAP! Hurry!

Baekhyun: You should wear an eyeliner darling. You're my wife now.

Tao: Let's have kids that loves panda!

D.O: You can rest. I'll cook for you.

Credits to the owner. Pinalitan ko yung iba.

EXO It Is!Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!