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Two days later

Ellen’s POV

The girls and I had to catch the bus once again because I was out of furl and couldn’t be bothered this morning to get it, we stood after pressing the bus stop button and started heading down the front, the bus driver eased to a stop and we got off thanking him, we made our way down the alley and at the end we hugged goodbye before Claudia walked across the road and started going towards her house and I walked in the middle of the road but that didn’t happen today.

“Soap, why are you home so late?” I observe him for a second before running towards him, “Josh, what happen?” the girls followed, I hold his face in my hands as I kneel in front of him, his nose is bloody and its smeared up his check, eye starting to swell and lip fat and already turning purple.

“Don’t tell mum.”

“Josh, mum is going to see the fucked up eyes and lip, I can clean your nose but there’s not much I can do to hide it from her.” The girls kneeled on either side of me.

“Please Ellen.” he looked to the floor.

“Who did this?” I asked rushed, “Where?”  he wasn’t answering, “Soap, who did this to you?” I was more demanding.

“Taylor, Taylor and his mates.”

“Why?” he shrugged.

“Did you do anything to them?” I paused, “Where’s your bick? You rode to school today.”

“They took it.” he shyly told me, I gipped his forearm and took his bag going up the street to the house which was only meters from where we stood on the corner.

“Ellen, Please, I don’t want mum to know.” He tried getting out of my grip.

“Mum is going to know, mum is going to need to know the reason I kick the shit out of Rachel.” He stopped struggling as I got him inside. “MUM!” I shouted, “MUM, WHERE ARE YOU?” I shouted louder.

“Upstairs, what’s wrong?” she called back, I rushed Josh up stairs and into our mum and dads room.

“Look what Rachel’s little brother did, he stoal Soap’s bike.” She tuned and almost fell over.

“Oh baby, what happen?” he pulled him into her embrace, she lifted him and sat him on the bed, I walked out while he told her and went to the bathroom the get a damp cloth, I wiped the blood away before going down stairs to get an ice pack.

“Mum im going out, I’ll be back soon.” I told and grabbed my car keys, I didn’t care how little petrol I had I was going to get my little brothers bike back, when I pulled up out the front of Rachel’s house I went up to the door knocking hard, it opened moments later to reveal her.

“Where’s your brother?” I get right to the point.

“What do you want with my brother?”

“Did you tell him to bash Josh? Was it you who told him to steal my little brothers bike?”

“Wait what?” she looked at me confused, “Taylor, get here.” He came out from another room, from memory it was the lounge room, “What did you do to Soap?” he looked from his sister to me then to Rachel again.

“N-nothing.” He stuttered.

“Don’t you lie to me, what did you do? You bashed him for his bike.” He just watched her, “Where is it?” he shrugged, “Don’t shrug at me, where’s the bloody bike?” she demanded.

“Tod has it.”

“Ellen, I am so sorry.” She turned back to him, “Get here, we are going to Tod’s house, you are getting that bike and you are apologising to Soap. In person.” He hesitated for a second before she grabbed her keys from a side table. “Ellen, I’ll bring the bike back as soon as I get it.” she says opening the door and she walked out followed by her brother, I stepped away and went to my car, she was yelling at him as she slammed his door shut, I drove home now relived that she wasn’t going to be a complete bitch, Rachel and I have a past, we were really close until she started hanging out with the sluts of the school and ditched me like a hot rock, I’ve always had Tegan, ever since we were very little, we were probably not even one the first time we met, as for Claudia I met her in year two and Tegan met her in kinder garden but it was only in the recent few years Claudia has started hanging out with Tegan and I and that’s our little group. I returned home and Josh looked at me curiously, I shook my head and he was relieved.

“She’s bring your bike back, Tod has it and the little fucker she calls her brother is going to apologies to you.”

“Language around your brother.” I smiled at him with a wink before heading down the hall to my room, when I checked my phone there was a message from Louis.

LOUIS: Hi : )

I replied dumb founder how he got my number.

ME: Stalker 101, how’d you get my number? : )

His reply came almost instantly.

LOUIS: Stalking is my favourite hobby, don’t tell anyone. I got it from Jess, she’s in my music class.

ME: Glad to hear my friends are giving out my personal information.

LOUIS: Is it a probable I have your number?

ME: Not at all, : ) how’s your afternoon, I hope it’s better than mine.

LOUIS: Mines fine apart from Harry making quite a racket in the room over, and was yours bad? What happen?

ME: Am I supposed to take it that Harry is making a racket with a partner? And bad is an understatement, my little brother got bashed for his bike.

LOUIS: That’s exactly how you were supposed to take it. And I hope your brother is okay, and gets his bike back. I didn’t know you had a brother.

ME: That is repulsive and yes he is getting his bike back, I made sure of it. Do you have any siblings?

LOUIS: Yes I have four little sisters, back home.

ME: That is a lot of sister. Maybe you could share, I’ve always wanted a sister.

LOUIS: It would be my pleasure to give you one or two, or all of them, as long as I get your brother.

ME: I don’t think I could give up my brother, I love him too much. I have to go, there is someone at my door and I think it’s the people with my brothers bike,  I’ll talk to you later. Xx

I scrambled up and went to the front door, Josh had already opened it and Rachel was talking to him, Taylor said he was sorry, not that he actually meant it but it was something to say about beating my brother, I thanked Rachel for bringing the bike back, not that we really get along but she was very apologetic for her brothers actions, I accepted it but it really meant nothing to me, she isn’t the one that did it.

“Go put your bike out the back.” I said closing the door, he wheeled it though the house and out the back door, I went back to my room and lied across my bed, Louis had text back.

LOUIS: I hope the bike isn’t a wreck. Xx

I smile and place my phone down and grabbed my laptop, sitting cross legged on my bed I placed my head phones in and started adding chapter by chapter onto a story I was currently writing.

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