Chapter 14: Someone new

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'Would things be easier if there was a right way? Honey, there is no right way'

'Would things be easier if there was a right way? Honey, there is no right way'

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It was Lilianna's day off between sessions with Vendetta. She had finished all her reports on the case and sent them to her supervisor in the Federal Bureau. However, she was still not settled for a day of relaxation.

Lilianna paced back and forth in her bedroom. She nervously looked at the door, and then towards the crates of books that sat in the corner of the space. She had finished reading every book she owned as of last week and had reread her favourites more than once since she had gone through the collection. She was desperate for new reading material, she needed to leave the house and got to the closest bookstore before she went mad.

The only problem was getting Mikale to say yes. She had been grounded and stripped of her freedom to obtain books when needed. All she really had to do was ask him to take her, but her anxiety and fear of the criminals made the situation seem like mission impossible.

"Just ask Otis. He'll say yes." She told herself, stopping mid-step in her pacing. "But Mikale has to drive the car."

She started pacing again.

"What if I tell Otis and explain my reason for going out in a way that makes it seem crucial. Then when he lets Mikale know, they can argue it out but Otis will ultimately win since they both have a secret soft spot for me." She theorized. "I mean how can they say no to me? I'm adorable."

"I won't argue with you there."

Lilianna yelped, spinning around and facing the man in her doorway.

"That was rude." She breathed, gripping at her chest where she felt her heartbeat rapidly pumping behind her ribcage.

"Sorry baby girl." Commodore chuckled, walking into the room and examining the space the same way Otis had when he first entered the room weeks prior. "So, what plan is that genius mind of yours fabricating?"

"Nothing." She shook her head quickly.

"I won't go running to Thing One and Thing Two if that's what you're scared of. Tell me what you need, and maybe, just maybe I can help you." He grinned, hesitantly touching one of her cacti.

"First of all, stop poking at Manson. Secondly, how do I know you're on my side? I can't trust anyone in this house but myself." She said, swatting his hand before moving her cactus to the far side of her window ledge, away from Commodore.

"Unlike the twins, I am here on my own terms. I enjoy your cooking, your couch, and you. You make life as an Elitist something more than a criminal thrill." He answered.

"And that means I can trust you?" She scoffed.

"No, but I am a better option than Mikale, am I not?" He debated. She looked at him over the edge of her glasses, chewing her lip in wonder.

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