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Aurora was the first one to wake up in her dormitory, her roommates Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet were all still sound asleep even after the black haired girl got out of the shower.

She let her hair fall down her back freely as she put on her school uniform and grabbed her robes and tie, some plain parchment, her quill and some ink placed them into her bag as she travelled to the owlery.

Her walk was quick and quiet, the sun only just coming up meaning everyone else would still be in their beds. She found a comfy spot on the floor of the owlery before she pulled out her parchment, ink and quill as she started scribbling words down.

Dear Charlie
I'm sure you've read about my father and me, but I can promise you that I don't know where he is and I haven't been hiding him in my basement all summer.
We just got to Hogwarts yesterday and everybody is talking about it, Charlie. It's even worse than my first year. Even Harry Potter (who I thought was my friend) has turned against me and is convinced that my father broke out to kill him AND that I'm helping him! How ridiculous is that?!
Anyway, I just want to forget about it to be honest. So how are you doing? How's Romania? I bet it's a dream come true to be working with all those dragons! I still can't believe your mum let you go there! Oh, before I forget Professor Kettleburn has FINALLY retired, he was absolutely ancient wasn't he, now Hagrid's in his place which I think is fantastic, he's always told me about all the creatures he's looked after/wants to look after so I can't wait for my next Care of Magical Creatures lesson. My uncle Moony is here too, he's gonna be teaching DADA as you can imagine Snape is extremely happy about that.
I must go now, breakfast will be served any second now and I am starving. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love from Phoenix

Aurora smiled at the letter, Charlie loved calling her by her middle name Phoenix so she always signed her letters to him with that name. She put her quill and ink down as she folded the parchment up and placed it into a envelope she found up in the owlery before she walked over to her owl Nova, "Sorry for the journey, Nova, but it's for Charlie again," she stroked the owls head as she placed the envelope into the beak and watched as she flew away getting smaller and smaller until she finally disappeared from Aurora's sight.

She placed her quill and ink back into her bag as she came out of the owlery noticing the Sun now up in the sky and a few students walking around the ground. She strolled casually through the halls until she reached the Great Hall, her eyes scanned the room before she spotted her favourite duo looking tired as they looked at their times tables at the Gryffindor table, pieces of toast and bacon scattered on their golden plates.

"Morning, Weasleys," Aurora smiled as she plopped down next to Fred.

George grumbled in reply as he stuffed his mouth with bacon.

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