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"1 million going once, goin..."
"Ten million!" a guy yelled out from the back of the room, suddenly everyone starts to sit back down,
"Fifteen million for the hottie!" yelled out a deep voice, i had been called hottie many times tonight but this made me blush.
"Fifteen million going once..." i prayed i wouldnt be brought by my crush, i really did. i crossed my fingers behind my back as i continued to lay on my side on this couch, in my oh so revealing bra that they purposly got three sizes to small, and my thong that was a little too tight for my liking.
"Going twice...."
i crossed my fingers even more and through my ear piece was told to do my seductive smile. i did as i was told and pulled off the sexiest smile i could and i directed it towards my crush, i noticed he winked at me, but suddenly his face was from sexy to shock
"Thirty miilion!!" another guy yelled out, my eyes darted from my now angry crush to the other guy, he was just as attractive, great, war between the hottie's.
"Fifty million!" yelled my crush. the other guy sat down with still four people standing.
"Going once, twice, three times and sold to the man in the back with the black jacket, yes you sir, please, do come claim your prize." i got taken off the stage and thrown the slutiest clothes ever. i went to put them on bet my new dom walked in and i stood up straight.
"Got any different clothes for her?" he asked a little annoyed.
"Uh, yes." said the lady who got me ready as she went and got my other clothes. my baggy top and sweat pants.
"Here are her clothes." she said handing them to him.

he looked a little bit shocked.
"You hide your amazing body under all this baggy stuff?" i nodded.
"Yeah sir." i said, he smiled at the fact that  would obviously be a good sub if i already knew to call him sir.
"Uh, excuse me miss, but can i please have my glasses?" i asked her. she nodded and walked off.
"Have you got bad eye sight?" he asked once again suprised.
"No sir," i said dumbly to him.
"Then why-" he was interupted when the lady got back.
"May i tell you later sir?" i asked him politley. he nodded and i grabbed my glasses putting them on.
"May i ask why you wanted her clothes?" the lady asked.
"Because, i shall never have my sub wearing slutty clothes infront of anyoone but me!" he said passing me my clothes and grabbing the slutty ones from my hands.
"Dress, now!" he said turning around.
"Yes sir." i saiid slipping my top on and my sweat pants.
"All done sir, you may look now." i said. he turned around as i tied my hair up into my usual pony tail, and he suddenly looked suprised.
"Maddison? you looked so different......"



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