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Ellen’s POV


I got home after school putting my school bag in the cupboard under the stairs and heading down the hall to my room, my mum had left with my brother to drop him at a friend’s house for the afternoon before I got home, I got ready for the gym, I slipped into my matching colourblock tights and sports bra before zipping my adidas vest hoddie over the top, I slipped into my free runners and braided my hair back before leaving my mum a note in the kitchen telling her I was going to the gym, I grabbed my gym bag and a bottle of water before going out to my car, I dropped into it and sat my bag on the passenger seat before pulling out of my drive way and heading towards the gym.

Once I arrived I signed in and headed down the back where I found Flynn already on the treadmill, I don’t take my bag to the change rooms because I normally go to different parts of the gym and need my equipment, I slipped my hoody off and stepped onto the treadmill beside his.

“Hey.” He says his teeth slightly chattering from his jogging, I got my treadmill up matching his speed in no time and we spoke to one another by looking at their reflection on the mirrored wall in front of us. “You okay from today?” I knew this subject would come up, I took in a breath putting the treadmill up five more kilometres before replying.

“Yeah.” I shrug, “I guess he didn’t know not to say anything I can’t blame him.” he nodded.

“Ty has the hots for him.” I laughed.

“Im sure Louis’ straight.” I ran my hand over my stomach and noticed it was slickened with sweat.

“I have to leave in an hour so let’s do something else other then run.” I nod and start to slow my treadmill down ten kay ever minute, Flynn did the same until we both were at a walking pace, we stopped them completely and stepped off, going to out bags for a drink, while we were talking a few people had joined us, mostly men doing waists in the other corner, normally when Flynn and I would go to the gym together he would bring his brother and he would tell us what to do, Flynn sat down, still talking and I stepped on his toes as he started doing sit ups, after a count of twenty we swapped.

“You know you have to stop with the ‘im not good enough for any one’ crap because your better than most the people at that school, you just won’t believe it.” we were both now side by side doing push ups, I was the first to cave, my knee hitting the matt because I couldn’t support myself any longer.

“That’s easy for you to say, Flynn, you have every girl chasing you, begging you to date them.”

“Not true.” He said pointedly at me.

“You’re like a brother to me, of cause im not going to think of you like that.” Flynn laughs before his phone timer sounds.

“That’s my cue, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, for sure.” I smile at him as he packs up his bag and heads out, I get to my feet and collect my things before I  make my way to the boxing room, I set my bag aside and look over the room as I slid my gloves on, There are both boxers and kick boxers all around, some training, some just having a hit of the bag like im about to do, I stand by the beg, feet parted at shoulders width, one in front of the other, knees bent, arms up as I bounce slightly on my toes, I start off simple with just jabs, until I let all hell brake lose, hooking the bag, upper cutting, throwing in combinations after combination just the work up a sweat, I was in the middle of a right hook when a familiar voice sounded.

“Didn’t picture you as a boxer.” I turned around wiping my forehead with my forearm.

“Never heard that before.” I say sarcastically, I start unstrapping my gloves and pulling them off, think maybe top call it quites, throwing them in my bag and grabbing my bottle and towel to wipe the sweat from my face, stomach, back and arms.

“It was hot.”

“How long have you been standing there, Harry?” I ask sipping my water bottle.

“I’ll tell you what’s hotter?” I look at him blankly, “You in that sports bra.”

“You’re a pig.” I snap turning and retrieving my vest from the bag and zipping it up over my bare stomach, I pull the strap of my gym bag onto my shoulder and start making my way towards the exit.

“Thanks for the show.”

“Mate if you don’t shut he fuck up I will deck you.” I say through clenched teeth.

“I like ‘em feisty.” I take in a deep breath and just walk away, “Catch you later.” He calls and I head out into reception, as I get to the door, my hand on a handle and someone calls me.

“Ellen.” I turn expecting it to be Harry after hearing the British accent but it wasn’t.

“Louis, what are you doing here?” He shrugged.

“Looking for stupid.”  He replied and I hold onto my bag tighter, looking at the ground.

“His stupid alright.”

“Hey look, its Louis and the feisty one.” I roll my eyes and push the door open.

“See you around Louis.” and just before the door closes I here Louis ask Harry what that was about.

Louis’ POV

“You should have seen her man, she looked so hot smashing that bag, then when she stopped I seen her body, god she’s fit.” Harry goes on about Ellen as we head back to his Aunty’s place.

“Harry, just stop.” I say looking at him for a moment, “Can’t you see you annoy the living day light out of her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was picturing your head on the boxing bag.”

“Oh so she pictures me.” he smirks.

“Jesus Christ Harry, leave the girl alone.” I feel his eyes burning into me for a moment before he speaks.

“I see. You like her.” I look in his direction before the road again without replying, “Did it ever occur to you I might as well?”

“You sure don’t act like it.” the rest of the car ride is full of silence, Harry not exactly in a bragging mood about how fit Ellen is anymore and im thankful for it, I don’t want to hear him speak about her body, boobs, arse, she doesn’t deserve that, no girl does.

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