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Two days later

Ellen’s POV

I had worked a double shift and still had two hours two go, it was almost seven and I finished at nine, I sighed as I finally got a break off my feet behind the desk as I waited for a customer or even for the buzz to hit my leg telling me an order was up, It was a Sunday which meant it was busy, I doodled on a piece of scrap paper until the door opened, I shoved it in my pocket and stood up.

“Hi, Welco-“ I stopped when I spot Harry. “Table for what?” I asked slightly annoyed.

“Two.” He smiled.

“Can’t you wait a second until another waiter can take you?” he shook his head.

“Nope, I want you because I know you’re not gonna poison my food.” He smiled as I took two menus.

“That can be arranged, follow me.” The guy with him snickered and they followed me down the back and outside, I placed the menus down on the table, “This your boyfriend?” I asked Harry and he laughed.

“Really funny, but no, his starting at Frances tomorrow, Louis, this is Ellen, She goes to Frances as well.” He smiled at me.

“Nice to meet you.” His hand was stuck out, I took it and he lightly squeezed before letting go.

“You too.” I murmur, “Drinks, what will it be?”

“Coke for me.” Harry says I nod and look towards Louis.

“What is there.”

“Ah.” I flip to the drinks page on his menus, “Any soft drink you can think of, alcohol but I guess you’re under age if you’re in mine and Harry’s year, juice or water.”

“I’ll just have a creaming soda.” I nod.

“One coke and one creaming soda.” I smile before walking away from the table.

Louis POV

“She wasn’t pleased to see you.” I state as I look over my menu.

“I may or may not annoy her.” I laugh at his response knowing Harry he annoys her for a fact.

“Your creaming soda.” She places a coaster on the table in front of me then the pink fizzy liquid, “And your liquid shit.” She says and places Harry’s drink on the coaster she placed in front of him, I laughed and Harry just looked up at her, a smug smirk on her face as she dug in her apron pocket for a pen as she holds her note pad in her other hand.

“Ready to order?” I nod as does Harry.

“I’ll have the Lamb cutlets.” She scribbles it onto her paper.

“Any sides?” she looks up at me from the note pad.

“Mash potato, please.” She nods and wrights in down then turns to Harry.

“The beef burger minus the spit.” She copy’s down his order, spit?

“You know I never spat in your food.” She said before reaching for the menus.

“Wait I wanted sides.” He rushed.

“Oh did you, you never said.” She rolled her eyes, “What sides would you like?”

“Fries.” She quickly wrote it and was about to walk away, “Wait, can you turn the heater on, it’s quite cool out here.” She sighed and touched her apron which hung down her thighs before looking into the restaurant; she must need to serve people. She places the menus back on the tables before reaching up on her tippy toes and pushing something on the left of the heater, a moment later she pressed the button on the right then cursed when the flame didn’t alight, Harry sat back in his seat watching her shirt rise and reveal two small dimples at the bottom of her back, her skin looks so silky, I look to Harry who is enjoying watching her not be able to turn the heater on, I stand up from my place.

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