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Two days later

Ellen’s POV

“It’s Friday, you know what that means.” Sir says to the class, the boys all get to their feet along with the few sluts that only take this class to watch the boys play sport, It’s a Friday and that means the gym, the boys roll the shutter up as I head out of the building with my headphones and phone, my teacher knows were im going, so does most the class, I pick an upbeat song on my phone as I head down to the school oval and place my earphones in, the music is booming as I start to run, I do laps of the schools soccer and grass hocky field until the bell is almost going to go, im lucky that Fridays I have this class last so I don’t have to go to my next class all sweaty from the running. The timer on my phone rings in my ear telling me there’s fifteen minutes till final bell, I jog across the oval and back up to the hall where the guys are in the gym being admired but the skanks of my year, my teacher in there as well showing all the boys up making me laugh that he actually beats them.

“How was the run?” my teacher startles me as I stand with my back to everyone, on my phone.

“Shit you scared me.” he laughs, “Clearing.” I pause, “Like always.” I look up at him as he nods.

“I think you have an admirer.” I laugh as I shove my phone in my pocket.

“Doubt it, can I have the key so I can change?” I hold out my hand, he places a large set of keys in my hand but I know exactly which one it is for the girls change room.

“And you do, Styles was watching you for a good ten minutes.” I raise and eye brow.

“What a fucking stalker.” He laughs at my reaction before patting me on the back.

“Go get cleaned up.” I jog off toward the girls change room, sitting the keys on my bag as I pull my shirt over my head, I slip back into my school shirt before spraying deodorant and leaving the change room and going back to my teacher, I gave him back the keys and told him I was leaving, he acknowledged it and I left, as I got to my car the finally bell rang and the girls met me there shortly after.

“Who’s house are we going to?” I ask as we start driving home, we pull into mine and Tegan’s street and we were still discussing it. “Mine it is.” I laugh and pull into my drive way.

“Im just gonna drop my crap home.” Tegan tells and I nod as we all get out, Claudia and I head into the house greeting my mum and going down the hall to my room, shortly after we hear the door.

“Hi Debbie.” Tegan’s voice rings though the house, my mum reply’s before Tegan come into my room, dropping onto my bed beside Claudia.

“So what are we doing on this fine Friday afternoon?” Claudia asks and I shrug, I stick my phone on my dock and start playing music from the top one hundred.

“Don’t care.” I say as I take a seat on the lounge under the window. “Hey!” the girls look at me, “in sport last I was told Harry was watching me for like ten minutes.” Their eyes drew to one another’s as their mouths hung agape.

“WHAT!” they say in sink, I nodded with wide eyes.

“You don’t even like him, why is he going after you.” Claudia wined.

“He is not going after me.” I say leaning back in the chair.

“Well if he stood there watching you become a sweaty mess I think his into you.” Tegan says and I shake my head not believing it.

“Guys like him go after girls like you, pretty girls, that where make up and dress in skirts and short tops.” I state.

“Well obviously not.” Tegan shakes her head, “You down yourself so much, STOP!” she shouts at me.

“Im just saying the truth.”

“But it’s not the truth.” Claudia says and I stand up.

“Anyone for a drink?” they nod and I leave the room not wanting to hear this convocation like I do when ever they think someone like me.

“Who likes you?” my mum asks coming into the kitchen where im poring drinks.

“Not you too.” I say as I put the lid back on the bottle. “Please, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Why don’t you want a boyfriend? Why do you think they all just think of you as one of the guys?” I put the bottle of coke back in the fridge and go back to pick up the glasses.

“Because that’s all I am to them.” I take the glasses in a triangle fashion and make my way back towards my bedroom, I give them both a drink before sitting cross legged on the lounge.

“Did you get the assessment for history?” Claudia asked, I nodded.

“Im not doing it though.”

“Why?” Tegan asks, they already know the answer why, for the last two years I haven’t handed in the criteria of my assessment simply because I don’t want to, we shouldn’t be forced to do homework or assessments, even my mum says it’s up to the student not the teacher to give us extra work.

“Don’t want to.”

“You’re gonna get the crapes grades in the year.” Claudia laughed.

“Still don’t care, I only need the grades for one class and that one class I do all the work in school and then do it for fun outside of school anyway.” They nod.

“Are you really going?” Tegan asked with a frown, I smile a tight smile at them before nodding.

“Yes but I’ll be back in a few years.” I say softly, “Two at the least five at the most.”

“You’re going to be literally half way around the world in less them a year.” Tegan frowns.

“I’ll visit all the time, and when my parents come you guys can as well.” They nod, for three years I have been saving to move to the UK and go to a writing school in London, I’m ditching my last senior years to go and not coming back until after the girls have already graduated year twelve. “Hey at five im gonna head to the gym, you can stay here if you want.” I offered and they agreed, we decided that the girls were gonna sleep at mine the night and while I was at the gym were gonna go down to Claudia’s to collect her things, it’s nice having my closest friends live in the same suburb, Tegan across the street and Claudia two street over.

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