Hellfire, Chapter one

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I plan to post my story on wattpad until it is ready for publishing. I am self-publishing with booktango and hope to have this novel finished by my birthday next year (May). I hope you enjoy!


If I have been the source of pain, O God;

If to the weak I have refused my strength;

If, in rebellion, I have strayed away;

Forgive me, God.


Pain itself can be pleasurable accidentally in so far as it is accompanied by wonder, as in stage-plays; or in so far as it recalls a beloved object to one's memory, and makes one feel one's love for the thing, whose absence gives us pain. Consequently, since love is pleasant, both pain and whatever else results from love, in so far as they remind us of our love, are pleasant.ATTRIBUTION DETAIL »

Thomas Aquinas

Chapter 1

“Lilith, wake up. Finish your breakfast. You need to leave soon” my mother said. I was slumped against the cold kitchen table with my eyes closed. I had stayed up all night studying for mid terms and it was really taking a toll on me. I slowly lifted one tired eye open and peaked up at her. I chirped out “hmmm morn’in” then slowly composed myself into a proper position. Groggily I finished eating my breakfast and told my mother good bye. I threw my heavy backpack over my shoulder and headed for the bus.

Today was quite chilly and I mentally chastened myself for forgetting to grab my jacket. The wind whipped my hair around my face making it hard to see. As I stood at the bus stop I took notice of the difference in the atmosphere today. I could defiantly see that fall was here and winter was fast approaching. The trees were changing color. Some of the leaves were a beautiful red while others were yellow or even purple. The trees were shaking from the wind and all of the birds and other animals were gone; they had either migrated or bunkered down for winter. My only companion was a lone squirrel that I saw burrowing food for winter.

I looked up the road and noticed that the bus was coming so I walked closer to the curb. As the bus stopped I got in and went to my usual seat near the middle of the bus. I was too tired to put on a façade and talk to the person sitting next to me so I put in my ear phones. I turned the volume on low and let the quiet melody sooth me as we finished our route to school.

The halls were bustling as usual but I was thankful that I could be just another face in the crowd. Harper, my best friend, was playing hooky today. She had forgotten to study and decided to just remake the test up. I couldn’t blame her; I wish I would have skipped today too. Without Harper I didn’t feel like socializing but at least I would be able to focus on my testing more. After dropping my books off at my locker, I headed to my first class. I sat at my desk and went over some of my math notes again as I waited for the bell. Ten minutes later a loud ringing reverberated throughout the building. I put my notes away and placed a sharp number two pencil on my desk…

The rest of my day passed in a similar pattern and I felt good about having completed half of my testing. Collecting my things I headed to the cafeteria where I waited for my bus. Not long after, I was being ushered into the bus with a flock of other students. Before I sat down I remembered that I had forgotten my science book and I sprinted out of the bus and down the halls to my locker. I passed many other students who gave me odd looks as I ran passed them. I couldn’t stop running because my mother wouldn’t be off from work until late tonight. I didn’t want to be left at school and I lived far away, walking wasn’t an option. I quickly grabbed my book, shoved it in my backpack, and ran down the halls again after my bus. I ran through the enormous front doors and stood looking for my bus. I quickly spotted it pulling out of the lot and panicked. I ran after it flailing my arms and screaming like a lunatic. I REALLY did not want to be left at school for five more hours. As I ran down the road towards the bus I noticed that it stopped. I let a sigh of relief slip past my lips and I slowed down my pace out of exhaustion and started walking. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t breathe; the wind got knocked out of me. Then I felt this force behind me, throwing me forward. Adrenaline was coursing through my body. My face mashed into the hard rough cement. The last thing I remembered before I passed out was the screams of the other kids around me…

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