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Ellen’s POV

“Why didn’t you take your car to school?” My mum asks as I walk into the house.

“I needed the petrol to get to work. And I lost my wallet.” I say as I jog up the stairs.

“Lost is where?”

“I don’t know, in my room somewhere.” I say as I stick my head in my brothers room, “Fifteen till we’re leaving, Soap.” I call and go back down stairs and into my room, I strip out of my school uniform and into my work clothes, I have another look for my wallet but it’s no use I have no idea where I’ve left it, I head back out to the lounge room with a hair brush and pass it to my mum. “Can you braid it?” I smile at her and she just looks up at me.

“Do it yourself.”

“But I can’t be bothered.” She snatched the brush from my hands and points to the floor in front of her which I gladly take, she starts to brush out my hair then braid it.

“Where are you taking Soap?” she asked as she tied the end of my hair.

“To Matts, his mum is dropping him back after training.” I reply and jump up from the floor looking back at her. “Mummy, you know how you love me so much?” she looks at me blankly and I let out a light laugh. “Can I borrow fifty bucks? I need petrol.”

“You say borrow but you’re not going to give it back.” she says amused and I smile innocently at her, “Go get the money.”

“Thank you.” I turn on my heel and go into the kitchen where my mum’s bag is, I grab out fifty dollars before running back into my room and grabbing my shoes, “Come on Soap, let’s go!” I call as I slip into them, “I’ll see you later, mum.” I tell her as I step out of the house, Soap follows after me and we jump into my car. “Where’s your training gear?”

“Crap.” He jumps out of the car bare foot and runs back into the house, I sit in my black Suzuki Swift sport and wait for him to exit the house again.

“Okay, ready.” he says getting back in the car, I pull out of the drive way and make my way up the street.

“I’ve just gotta stop at the servo.” I say and not even a minute later I pull into the BP, I jump out and start to fill the car up, “Hey Soap if you pay I’ll let you get a chocolate or something.

“Can I get two?” he asked and I nodded, he jumped out of the car as I started to watch the numbers rise, thirty seven, thirty eight, I stop it right on fought and pull the hose out of my car placing it back on the pump.

“Get me a curly wurley.” I say as I give him the fifty dollar note, “Pump seven.” I say and he jogs towards the servo shop, I get back in my car, starting the music and in no time Josh is back and we start heading towards his friend’s house.

“So Matts mum is dropping you home after soccer?” I look towards Josh as we pull into his friends street and he nods, when I pull up to his house Josh jumps out and heads to the door, “Soap, your bag!” I call and he quickly runs back.

“See ya.”

“Bye.” I smile at him and watch as he enters the house, I drive to work and park in the staff spot, I head into the restaurant and down the back where I meet the other waitresses that are getting ready for their shifts, there talking about their boyfriends and I just throw my bag in the corner and wrap an apron around my waist in silence, I slip an order pad in my apron pocket along with a pen and walk out going to the front of the restaurant where there are waiters taking customers to their tables. The door is pulled open as I have my head down writing a note for the other waitresses, I look up and a familiar guy stands in front of me with an older lady, maybe in her mid-thirty’s.

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