46 | Definitely | Epilogue.

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46 | Definitely | Epilogue.

Luke wrote his first song about Annie. He also wrote his most recent song about her too, and their daughter.

After the third album was released the band, which consisted of Calum, Ashton, Michael and Luke and was called 5 Seconds of Summer, went on a break as each one of them began to settle.

Luke was already settled as soon as he saw Annie, standing at the end of the hospital bed as she restored his eye sight.

He always knew Annie was the one, of course she was. Someone like her couldn't just leave your life and not be in it ever again.

And in their 6 years together they had only broken up once, because of the mass pressures of fame and internet popularity but after a month of misery they decided they needed each other to get through this.

Annie had become quite popular online too, being beautiful and the girlfriend of a superstar really helped in the follower department.

For the five year anniversary Luke decided that he didn't want to be her boyfriend anymore, which caused Annie to almost burst into tears as she thought he was breaking up with her.

He then clarified that he didn't want to be her boyfriend, he wanted to be her husband.

Annie was so relieved and smitten from his words that of course she said yes, actually, she said "possibly," because she loved to wind Luke up and he knew it.

They stayed engaged for over a year as the boys were touring and even though Annie was with them, they didn't have anytime for the wedding they wanted.

When they did finally have their wedding, it was confirming the best year of Luke's life. The band had released the best album of the year and of their careers, and he got to marry the woman of his dreams.

And to top it all off, Annie was pregnant. She was 4 months down the line now, with her big belly which Luke often found himself singing too.

"Do you think Petunia will like her?" Annie asked as she ran her hands through Luke's hair. They were on their queen sized bed, watching a movie as Luke lay between her legs.

Petunia, their dog, normally wasn't allowed on the bed but as soon as Annie got pregnant she got very protective of the girl, so she was lying with them, more like on Luke.

"I think she'll love her, nearly as much as we do." He beamed, squishing his dogs face together before turning back to the film that was playing. "Have you been thinking of any names?"

Luke shuffled in his spot, slowly and not to agitate Annie. As much as he loved her, she had gotten very snappy lately with the stress of being a mother. He didn't blame her, he was scared too, but he was also the happiest he had ever been.

"Yeah, what about you? Got any good ones?" Annie asked, reaching over to the side where her stash of snacks is resting on the bedside table.

Luke found out about this stash when he woke up at 3:12am and saw her eating minstrels and M&Ms. She had a lot of strange cravings and she was always hungry, but so was Luke so they spent most of their days eating together.

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