Chapter 5| Scaredy Cat

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Annabelle's P.O.V

I felt liquid trail down my cheek.

I lifted my hand to wipe away tears, pain rushed through my body as tears kept falling non-stop. I didn't know why I was crying, or why I was letting him see me this vulnerable, I hated him.

I hated this.

I just wanted to go home, can't I just go home normally?! Why does this keep happening to me, what have I done? I'm getting sick and tired of him haunting me in my sleep and making me live on the fear of running into him every second.

My legs felt numb as I sat on the dirty floor, my black jeans ripped and my thigh was bleeding from the rough cement. I wiped the tears with the back of my sleeve harshly, my eyes collided with his with a glare.

He cocked his head to the side, the hoodie still covering his features. He stepped closer and I backed away, dragging my legs across the street floor. He noticed my pathetic state.

A girl with messy hair sitting on the street floor with blood on her clothes in the dark night, my eyes reflected pure fear as I stared at him. What did he want from me? Why is he approaching me like before in school? He doesn't remember me, he can't.

He stopped, suddenly crouching down to reach my level. My heart was beating roughly in my chest that I think he heard it too through the quite chilly air in this cursed night of November. He lifted his hand to his hood and I flinched at his move, being too cautious of everything he does.

He threw the hood off his head, revealing the gorgeous mess of honey strands under it, and my eyes widened a bit. His hand flew to fix his hair, a few strands carressing his forehead, his cherry lips formed a thin line, his eyes were sharp and void of any life, a shiver ran through my body, feeling too overwhelmed of his visual.

Don't do this to me again, Saif.

Don't fool my heart.

My expression changed from fear to sadness, my lips curved downward as I avoided his gaze, backing away more, feeling even more embarrassed and vulnerable, my cheeks were deep crimson. I was a kid who trusted people easily, not anymore at least. But he did manage to play with the brain of the ten year old me who was a clueless child, he was manipulative and clever, and I fell for everything he'd done horribly.


My eyes widened as I heard the deep velvety voice slice through the silence, so smooth like a knife through butter. My heart pace was becoming too irregular, my eyes moved to glance at him, he stood up from where he sat, coming right infront of me.

His face was close to mine, our warm breaths mixing the cold air, and I swallowed my mixed feelings that held every horrible thought there was, his eyes were as cold as my fingertips as they held mine, but our contact broke as his hand flew to grab my forearm, lifting me up.

I struggled in his hold, kicking the air. Don't touch me! Don't come near me! My mind screamed loudly to the point of a headache starting to form in my temples, I thrashed my arm violently in his steel grip.

I heard him curse under his breath, and I pulled one more time, but before I could complete my struggle his arm pulled me harshly, almost making me fall off my feet, his nose snarled, and his eyes flashed danger as they locked mine with warning.

"I told you to fucking stop." He gritted, and fear rushed over me, dropping my body's temperature and shivers shaked my being, "If you wanna get out of this damned street in one piece cut out your little act and knock it off." His patience was short as I sensed, and I didn't want to test it.

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