Chapter 9

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Chapter 9⃣

I woke up late today mourning,Taylor came into my room.

"My mom told me to come wake you up,hurry up!"Taylor says.

Me being scared to death got up and went to the bathroom and than finally went to meet Taylor's mom.

"Good mourning!"I said.

She was all dressed up."mourning! Aren't you ready yet?today were going to a party and than we go back home!"she said.

We went to that party and every one got drunk! Just not me! But this was the perfect moment for me to find my phone!

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I ran into Taylor's hotel room and try'd to find my phone. Where is it?

I look everywhere!

AUGHH it's not here! It must be somewhere on him!

I ran back to the party which was just next door.

The music was really loud. The walls moved by the load rapping and drums!

Taylor was with his group of guys.

I walked over to that corner.

"Dance with him"a guy said.

"You know it's paaarty*hic*" another said.

"Hic*taylooor Dance!"the guys joked. He garbed my hand,this is a good time to snatch back my phone.

He spin'd and started dancing. I playd along,the music was about to be finished.this is the only way I can snatch the phone!

"Nicooole"he says!when he's looking at me.

I reach near his jacket pocket and I take out my phone. Before I can the songs finished and Taylor pushes me and gives a kiss.our lips are smooshed together and everyone started staring at us. The guys are saying stuff like "aaaayyy!" Or "you go man!"

I let go of him, he whispers "nicole" and I run away with our the phone, I began crying!

I can't believe my first half kiss is by some stupid Nicole lover?

He thought I was Nicole the whole time!

I cried and cried!

💋💋~that night~💋💋

We rode home,on a train ride we talked about our favoret time on this train and about the party. They weren't fully drunk now.

Taylor's mother likes to drink a lot...

"I really had fun,the first half I saw it all..than I drank up!"she said.

"Well the welcome party has it all,its weird when I finally knew what I was doing I felt strawberry tasty lipgloss on me..i wonder."he stopes when his mother said..

"You stupid! You kissed your crush your love,your wife-about to be wife." Taylor's Mother laughed.

Me and Taylor were staring at each other in embarrassment.

"Well it's getting dark out side."I said.

She smiled,"yeah how was this celebration huh? This ritual?"she asked.

It was the worst thing in the world!

"It went by great, mother! The best two days of my life!"Taylor said.

"Yeah it was okey.."I said.the train went faster.

I looked out the window.

We finally got home.

I went upstairs and put my bags away.

The room door opened.

"Taylor?"I asked.

Why the heck did he need me?

"I just wanted to remind you that before we leave home you need to make a dramatic end to our day,saying good bye."Taylor sat down on a chair.

"No! Why the fudge in the ice cream would I do that? I'm not your slave that you kiss me when ever you want or you take my phone and cuddle with me? I hate you Taylor so stop this acting!"I scream'd.

"I hate you more than you can ever hate me!im stuck with you! A low minded girl! When I could be somewhere else!"he says in a low tone.

"Why don't you say it? Nicole huh! I don't care!you don't have the right to take away my things!"I yelled!

He looked really mad,he threw his phone on the bed and walked to me,he garbed my hair,he started pulling them but it really hurt me.

"What did you say?"he asked.

With his other hand he squeezed my arm and leaned on me..against the wall.i could feel his stupid breath!

The minty smell that I used to like!

"I'm not your slave! Stop it!"I say.

The pain in my arms gets worst!

I wish I could faint right now so this guy could get blamed!!

"You cant tell me how to act!"I say in pain.

With his strong body against my body,I felt like my breathing would stop any minute now.

"Ouch..stop it Taylor! Your hurting my bones! Stop it,stop,please stop it! Stop it!stoop! I'll do anything for you! Just stop!"I said.

I began to cry.tears roll down.

I hate you Taylor I hate you so much!

I think to myself.

He let's go, he wipes a tear,off my face.

"What happened Olivia dear?"his face got close to mines again!

He loosens his grip,and let's go of my hair.

"If you don't do what I'll say than you'll regret this!"he said. But he quiets down because me hears foot steps coming to my room.

Please get caught!

The door opens..

Taylor hugs me and he still has me against the probably looked he was kissing me or hugging me up the wall!,and just than vector comes in.

Taylor acts like he's been touching me for a very long time!

I get away.

"Vector! What are you doing up here so unexpected?"Taylor said with a smile.

"Well,I can ask you the same question,your the one with my sister at night? Well Im sorry to bother the party..came to get you,your going home now."vector smiles.

"Wow,uh come on Olivia!"Taylor gives me his freakiest cute smile!

He grabes his phone from my bed and looks at me, vector looked at me too..

"I-"I say but he grabs my hand and we all go down stairs.

Everyone was at the door now,I hug Taylor,and I say I'm going to miss you,he smiles and says,it's been so fun! These two days,my love,see you soon',he says and winks.

I run up to my room.

After he finally goes home I slowly try to walk out side through my balcony so I can meet ray.just than my father comes in my room.

Why can't I meet my Prince Charming for once??

That thought made me smile.

Ohh I hurry back to my room. He looks at me and than smiles.

"There's some good news for you! The Aldridge have been killed,the island all belongs to me and to Greg,now that city is for you to walk through! You said you wanted to see what's on the other side of the black gate huh? Well I'm taking you soon"he smiles.

"Very soon!"


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