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''Okay, year eights! Today we will be looking at the Whomping Willow! I am sure you know of this tree which is on the very grounds of Hogwarts! We will go to the tree and write down its key features, reasons why they were ever planted and many of its uses. So, get up, we'll be going outside!'' Pomona Sprout, the head of Hufflepuff and Herbology teacher chided her students who had passed their O.W.L.s with E's and O's. This included Neville, Luna, Hermione, Percy and Hannah. Cho and Draco did not take a liking to the subject and took Runes instead. 

The students walked outside and the tree moved slightly, wondering who was daring to disturb the sleeping tree. 

It swung its arms/branches and the students backed off. Girls and Boys alike screamed when Neville, Hannah and Percy walked calmly towards it, though if it were those three, the Whomping Willow did not mind. The willow stopped its violence and Hannah squealed. She patted its trunk and the tree seemed to glow with warmth. Neville pressed his hands to the soil and the dead grass became green once more, the soil richer and more nutritious for the tree. 

''Um- while the tree is still, let's start on our analysis now. Open your books! Write and describe what the leaves look like, how their structure may help the tree in its carnivorous habits? think of the question its self, and set a challenge for yourself. The one with the most complicated questions and correct answers shall win twenty-five house points!'' She barked and the rest of the class including the demigods got to work. After a minute, Hannah, Neville and Percy walked up to the teacher. 

''Professor, how much do we need to write?''

''Perhaps twenty inches on the parchment?''

''Um, well we finished around double that...''

''Really? Let me have a look.'' The three handed their sheets in and a second later Luna and Hermione handed theirs in as well, though theirs were around thirty inches. ''This isn't newt level! This is my level! I didn't know that this tree could be nice to those who show respect!'' Professor Sprout read through all three of theirs, amazed by the fact that none of their sheets contained the same work, all different questions with fabulous answers. ''Well, all three of you get twenty-five points, and Miss Granger, Miss Lovegood, you have earned fifteen points as well!''

''Thank you, professor.''

''May I borrow this? I want to present your facts to the Herbalism council''

''Of course.'' Professor Sprout carried the bundle of parchment paper and scuttled along, leaving the class by itself at the mercy of the magical willow tree. An old-fashioned bell rang signifying the end of the lesson. 

''What do we have next?'' Luna asked as she packed away her ink bottle and quill. 

''We have... Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall.'' Percy held Hannah's hand and her cheeks were tinted pink. She giggled and pecked him on the cheek, this time Percy also became pink. Students groaned in the background and the demigods shared a knowing look. 

''Ooh! This is going to be fun!'' Hermione smirked and they headed off back into the castle. 

''Hello class. This year we will be doing spells on transfiguration which most of you missed last year. Those who did not and still came to redo the year, I expect you to do your best and not lag behind. This class is for those who passed their O.W.L.s with exceeds expectations, so Mr Perrini, Mr Fitch and Miss Morgan, you are excused. Never try and sneak into my lessons again. Ten points each from Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor.'' Three students rushed out, their faces red with embarrassment. 

''Ah, Mr Jackson, Miss Chique, this lesson we will be looking into the difference between a Metamorphagus, Multianimorphagus, a Werewolf and an Animagus. Do you know what they are?'' 

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